The British Association of Teachers of the Deaf
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The Association

How BATOD worksBATOD - aims, objectives and constitution. Find out how the NEC works and its current format as well as the history of the Association. Annual reports are available.
The Association01 May
Work undertaken by BATODDocuments recording meetings undertaken by BATOD representatives and reports to the NEC. Consultation with members and responses prepared by BATOD.
The Association20 Apr
BATOD Regions and NationsDetails about the organisation of BATOD across the United Kingdom, reports from local meetings. The eight regions and nations use the region/nation folders to contact members and keep them up-to-date with information.
The Association16 Mar
BATOD ConferencesFolders annual conferences containing details, information and forms relating to the CPD Study Days/National conferences and AGM
The Association12 Jan
BATOD Copyright noticeThese pages are prepared and maintained by BATOD, and as such are protected by Copyright
The Association15 Jan
BATOD MembershipBATOD membership rates and downloadable mandate form.
The Association14 Jan
ToD email forumKeep in touch with other professionals in deaf education through our ToD email forum. Information about the ToD email list including how to subscribe can be found here.
The Association10 May
Frequently Asked QuestionsQuestions BATOD is asked most frequently including enquiries about training to be a Teacher of the Deaf, financial support, help with dissertations, careers with deaf children, information about subscriptions, BATOD publications, numbers of deaf children and sign language.
The Association05 Jan
News of MembersCongratulations and celebrations, obituaries, news of BATOD members to be shared amongst colleagues, new ideas and projects
The Association18 Jan