The British Association of Teachers of the Deaf
Promoting Excellence in Deaf Education

How BATOD works

The British Association of Teachers of the DeafBATOD - aims and objectives of the Association.
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BATOD Constitution updated in 2017This document was presented to BATOD members at an EGM in Belfast on 10 June 2017, members having been informed with due notice prior to the meeting. It was accepted unan
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Birth to Maturity - BATOD historyWritten by Bill Chippendale as the first Eichholz article to celebrate the 25th anniversary of BATOD. This is a history of BATOD 1976-2001.
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Why Join BATODAn A4 leaflet that lists the major reasons why ALL ToDs should be members of BATOD. Much of the work undertaken is funded from membership fees modestly supplemented with advertising income. Alongside the paid Executive Officer all of the work is undertaken on a voluntary basis.
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Annual ReportsAnnual reports presented to the BATOD membership at an AGM.
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Presidents of BATODThe roll of Presidents since the formation of BATOD in 1976
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The activities of the British Association of Teachers of the DeafA four-page A5 leaflet providing a summary of the activities that BATOD undertakes in support of Teachers of the Deaf.
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PoliciesThose Policies that have been accepted by the BATOD mebership that are current.
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National Executive Council of BATODDetails about the NEC of BATOD including reports from meetings held during the year and published in the Association Magazine as 'What went on at ...' 'The What went on' provides a flavour of the range of issues covered during NEC meetings.
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BATOD job descriptionsVISIBLE TO MEMBERS ONLY With the exception of the National Executive Officer all the work carried out for BATOD is done on a voluntary basis. This folder contains job descriptions for these many roles/jobs within BATOD. If you feel able to carry out or assist with any of these roles please contact Paul Simpson, the Executive Officer.
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