The British Association of Teachers of the Deaf
Promoting Excellence in Deaf Education

Presentations from the 2017 conference "Positive futures for deaf children - optimising outcomes" held in Manchester on 10th and 11th March 2017.

Not all presenters have made their presentations available.

We are expecting the great majority of the content of the conference presentations to be covered in articles in the May and September magazines.

Download KEYNOTE: Let’s play! The role of play & music in early language experience & cognitive development in children with hearing impairment; Tonya Bergeson-Dana
Download KEYNOTE: Beyond semantics and syntax: the development of pragmatics in children with hearing loss; Christine Yoshinago-Itano
Download KEYNOTE: Learning by Doing and with Others; Terezinha Nunes
Download KEYNOTE: D/deaf children – how can we help when they struggle emotionally?; Barry Wright
Download Promoting Positive Mental Health in Deaf Students; Maria Allen
Download Accelerating progress through interactive book sharing; AVUK
Download Six Stages from initial diagnosis to self-advocacy: The Parent Journey; AVUK
Download Headpiece Microphone Study; Pauline Cobbold and Colin Peake
Download The significance of deaf identity for psychological well-being; Jesper Dammeyer
Download Introducing the SiN Toolkit; Ewing Foundation
Download Thinking inside the box; current practice in test box use for radio aid fitting and evaluation; Jeremy Hine and Richard Vaughan
Download The Lasting Impact of a Positive Start; Sarah Hogan
Download Enriching lives through music; Danny Lane
Download Newly arrived children in the practice of Teachers of the Deaf; Anna Likierska
Download Interactive Classroom; James Mander and Tony Murphy
Download Using Dynamic Assessment to measure deaf children’s reading skills; Wolfgang Mann
Download Reluctant teenagers and radio amplification; Wendy McCracken and Tony Murphy
Download What is fair access to exams for signing deaf candidates?; Rachel O'Neill et al
Download Math readiness: parents as partners project; Claudia Pagliaro and Karen Kritzer
Download Using E-Learning to Develop Communication and Socio-emotional skills; Denise Powell et al
Download Innovations in Bridging the Gap - exploring training needs and outcomes in Educational and Clinical Audiology and Early Years Intervention; Joy Rosenberg
Download TAs’ perspectives of deaf children's learning experiences in mainstream secondary classrooms: Roles and responsibilities; Jackie Salter
Download iPad apps to support exploration of sound and use of voice; Joyce Sewell-Rutter
Download Soundfield and educational attainment; Brian Shannan
Download Comparison between deaf and hearing learners from areas of social deprivation; Brian Shannan and Rachel O'Neill
Download The Vestibular System and Deafness - ready, steady, go?; Kim Shepherd
Download Bilingual books in BSL and English: e-books; Dani Sive and Katherine O'Grady
Download Teacher of the Deaf Elaborations to the Professional Standards for Teachers; Trudy Smith
Download Radio aids at first hearing aid fit; Cate Statham and Hannah Cooper
Download Unlocking Dialogue in Deaf Education: The role of translanguaging; Ruth Swanwick
Download Concurrent and longitudinal predictors of reading; Emmanouela Terlektsi et al
Download Information at your finger tips 24/7 - an introduction to MESHGuides; Ann Underwood
Download Is being resilient enough to prepare deaf children and young people from military families posted overseas for an independent adult life?; Catherine Walker
Download Cochlear implants and radio aids; Stuart Whyte et al.
Download How deaf children masquerade; Majella Williams
Download Assessment of mental health difficulties: a systematic review of the SDQ; Claire Wiltshire