The British Association of Teachers of the Deaf
Promoting Excellence in Deaf Education

Minutes of 34th Annual General Meeting of BATOD on 13 March 2010 at St Cecilia’s, Wandsworth Church of England School, Wandsworth, London SW18 5JR

  1. Apologies for absence Trish Cope; Rebecca Millar, Andrea Baker, Stuart Whyte, Ted Moore, Anne Marie Hall

  2. Minutes of the AGM 14 March 2009 Approved

  3. Matters arising from the minutes None

  4. Members’ comments and enquiries None

  5. Presidential address – Ann Underwood

    Ann gave an outline of her aims at the start of her Presidency and how she had achieved them. She thanked Paul Simpson as National Secretary and Magazine Editor for all his support during this time. Ann also recorded our sadness at the sudden death of Peter Preston in December 2009. His work on the NEC, Steering Group and as Consultant (especially on pay and conditions) was greatly appreciated and he would be sadly missed. She also mentioned the Leonardo da Vinci Project and the sad news that Andrew Broughton who had played the leading role in developing the bid had died on New Year’s Day.

    She was glad to report that North and South West Regions had recently been revived and a new East Region had been established. Ann went on to record our appreciation to Alison Weaver who had completed her two years as President and two years as Past President. Alison received a gift from BATOD as a small token of appreciation.

    Ann concluded by thanking Gary Anderson and everyone else in BATOD for their support during her term of office.

    The Eichholz Prize is given each year to outstanding students training as Teachers of the Deaf. All universities had been asked to nominate individuals and this year there would be two awards: Alison Bruce, who unfortunately could not be present and Louize Millar, who came forward for her presentation.

  6. The Annual Report 2008–09 was accepted.

  7. Statement of accounts These had been precirculated.

  8. Acceptance of Treasurer’s Report Bev McCracken gave a brief outline of the financial account. This was approved.

  9. Appointment of auditors Alex Whiting and Co were reappointed for the next 12 months.

  10. Election results – Steering Group and NEC members

    Elected members

    • Honorary Treasurer – Bev McCracken
    • President Elect – Karen Taylor
    • Jill Bussien
    • David Couch
    • Maureen Jefferson
    • Mary Kean
    • Kathy Owston
    • Seonaid Ryan

  11. Proposed changes to the constitution
    Bev McCracken proposed the following changes:
    • National Secretary to change to Executive Officer of the Association.
    • Committees to become workstreams.
    • President Elect does two years as President Elect and two years as President. There would no longer be an officer as Past President.
    • Assistant Secretary to become Minute Secretary.
    • Assistant Treasurer to become a new post – this is currently Mary Fortune.
    The above amendments were approved.

    At this point in the meeting Ann stood down as President and Gary Anderson took over.

    Gary thanked Ann for her work over many years for the Association and presented her with a gift. He went on to outline his aims for the next two years which would appear in the Association Magazine.

  12. Date and place of next meeting 19 March 2011 – venue to be announced (possibly Newcastle).

  13. Launch of the BATOD Foundation

    Lucy Leith thanked NEC for inviting BATOD Foundation trustees to present their initial ideas. It has been a long road for those who have been trustees for some time. People have jumped on and off the bus over that time, but the present trustees have dedicated their time to take this forward.

    Lucy said: ‘Our cause is deaf children. Our mission is improving the life chances of deaf children. BATOD Foundation needs you. Trustees will keep members informed.’ Three topics were chosen: acoustics in the classroom; deafness and autism; English as an additional language (40% of deaf children are in homes where English is not the first language).

    The BATOD Foundation was officially launched.