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'Private' area of the website for BATOD members

All BATOD members are encouraged to register on the website and therefore have access to files that are specifically for BATOD members and are part of the benefits of membership.

In the near future the region information and information that it is felt should be for the eyes of members only will be transferred to the Members area.

You will need to know your BATOD membership number (always printed on the address label on the Magazine mailing)and also the postcode of the address that is also on the label. This is the address to which your membership information, Magazine and Journal go to. The website registration is set up to recognise these two pieces of information. The email address that you use has not previously been known to BATOD and therefore you can use any email address that you access regularly. Your password will be sent to that email address.

Please register as soon as posisble.

You may update your personal details at any time (if you move or change jobs, begin to wear hearing aids etc)- just log into the website and choose Personal details in the menu bar on the right. Each section needs to be saved as you complete it.

A continuing set of questions

NEC meetings have a dedicated part of the agenda allowing Regional Committees to bring concerns and join together in discussion and for advice. The Regional reports appear as News from the region in the website folder.
Dates of meetings and reports are also available on the website.

The following questions are always under consideration and BATOD members are invited to share their opinions with the BATOD National Executive Officer

  • how can national BATOD support the regions and nations?
  • what works well for local meetings
  • how do the regions and nations keep each other informed?
  • what are the Region views about the future and content of the national conference