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STOP PRESS - Details and application form for 2016 BATOD North Study DayApplication form for 2016 BATOD North Study Day to be held on 10th November in Huddersfield
BATOD North News20 Jun
Workshop abstracts for BATOD North study dayWorkshop abstracts for BATOD North study day on 10th November in Huddersfield.
BATOD North News11 Oct
BATOD NorthA summary of BATOD North - the area covered and how the region is organised.
BATOD North News24 Aug
BATOD North Constitution 2011 updated 2015Document accepted at the Annual General Meeting 2011 updated in 2015. Downloadable as a pdf
BATOD North News11 May
Key personnel in BATOD NorthWhom to contact in BATOD North
BATOD North News26 Jun
BATOD North Archived informationThis folder holds documents and information of historical interest. There are documents about retired and past members.
BATOD North News19 Mar
News from BATOD NorthNews from BATOD North reported to NEC and published in the BATOD Magazine
BATOD North News23 Aug
North region Annual Study DayAbstracts for the annual study day for the North region - November 2015
BATOD North News08 Nov