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Geographical Spread

BATOD North Region is one of the largest of BATOD’s regions, stretching north as far as the Scottish border with its southern extremities reaching into Cheshire and Lincolnshire. It encompasses the counties on both sides of the Pennines straddling across from west coast to east coast. The area includes many large cities and conurbations such as Merseyside, Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire and Tyne and Wear as well as more rural settings such as Cumbria and the Yorkshire Dales. The Isle of Man is also part of the region. p>

Committee Membership

The North Region Committee currently has members from the Greater Manchester area, Yorkshire, Merseyside and Tyne and Wear which is a fair reflection of the regional area covered. Meetings are generally held just off the M62 as this provides convenient access for most committee members. Saturday mornings are the usual meeting times. As well as contributing to the running of the North Region and organising the annual conference, the Committee finds the networking and sharing opportunities afforded by the committee meetings to be both informative and supportive and is always delighted to welcome new members. Currently the Chair comes from Lancashire, the Secretary from Greater Manchester and the Treasurer from West Yorkshire.

North Region Membership

The North Region has a strong membership base with members living and working in all areas of the region with a large proportion from the major cities and conurbations.

Representation on National Executive Council (NEC)

The North Region is well represented on NEC, currently accounting for almost a quarter of the NEC membership! The NEC meets four times a year – September, December, March and June – and is involved in high level representation in many different areas on behalf of Teachers of the Deaf. Membership of NEC is an excellent avenue for professional development.

Deaf Education in the Region

North Region provision for deaf children’s education mirrors the UK as a whole, with a wide variety of options ranging from pre-school visits and peripatetic support in mainstream schools through to units and schools and colleges for the deaf. As expected, communication methods used in the region span the full spectrum from auditory-oral through to sign-bilingualism. Teachers of the Deaf are also involved with cochlear implant centres such as the Yorkshire one based at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

Conferences and Meetings for North Region Members

The North Region committee currently spends most of its time organising an annual conference for the membership. In the last few years the topics have included Emotional Wellbeing, Audiological Competencies, Literacy and Language, Focusing on the Whole Deaf Child, Technology for Deaf Children and Supporting and Challenging Deaf Children and Empowering Deaf Children – Policy into Practice. A wide range of practitioners has delivered to these conferences providing valuable and informative CPD. The conferences are always well supported and feedback is very positive. Each year the next topic is chosen from ideas suggested by those attending the conference.

Details of the conferences are available in the Association Magazine and on this website.

Members can contact the regional officers by email.

Updated by Sandy Goler, NEC Representative and BATOD North Treasurer, Sue Denny, BATOD North Chair and NEC member and Trish Cope, BATOD North Secretary, August 2016