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Audiology Services Advisory Group: Paediatric Sub-Group (08:06:2005)

Fiona Mackenzie

As Chairperson of BATOD Scotland I was asked to join the above group, to represent Teachers of the Deaf. This sub-group has been formed as part of the Audiology Services Advisory Group to the Audiology Services Modernisation of NHS Scotland.

The group consists of representatives from Audiologists, Educational Audiologists, Audiological Physicians, ENT Consultants, Paediatricians and Speech & Language Therapists.

The Scottish Executive has provided funding to modernise all Audiology services throughout Scotland and for the creation of a 4-year BSc course to run in Scotland.

The main purpose of the group is to look at the paediatric services available and to produce quality standards to ensure that services are uniform throughout Scotland. To this end, representatives from the group have been visiting the fourteen Services. Reports are being written up and common themes are being identified.

A report will be made as to where Scotland is at present and to draw up recommendations for minimum standards and also gold standards.

Dr Grigor, who is involved in this sub-group, is also working for the Scottish Executive, supporting the rollout of the Newborn Hearing Screening Programme in Scotland; her first task is to define the criteria for a quality UNHS service. This task obviously overlaps with this group's work, so much discussion took place on this.

Funding has been allocated for a single day course (run in 4 different regions) for Teachers of the Deaf who are involved with UNHS. This information will be sent out to all heads of services and schools/units for deaf children in the BATOD Mailing to go out before the end of term.

It is hoped that funding will be available to bring the NDCS course 'Supporting & Empowering Parents' to Scotland. We believe this has been a very successful course run in England and talks are being held with NDCS, with a view to booking a day in March 2006.

BATOD Magazine November 2006