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Margaret Highet retires from BATOD Scotland Committee

Scotland Conference 5 November 2005

Margaret Highet with certificates and flowers
Margaret Highet has taught deaf children for most of her working career. In the 1980s she represented Teachers of the Deaf in Scotland on the BATOD National Executive Council.

Margaret has made a significant contribution to deaf education in her role as Teacher of the Deaf, educational audiologist and head of the Ayrshire Service. She was also closely involved with the setting up of the Scottish Paediatric Cochlear Implant Programme at Crosshouse Hospital in Kilmarnock.

She has been closely associated with NCTD and BATOD throughout her career and served on the National Executive Council (NEC) representing Scotland. Since her retirement she has continued to support BATOD Scotland in her role as Honorary Secretary. In this role Margaret has read through mountains of paper on every aspect of deaf education. From this paper mountain she has put together responses for every deaf related consultation paper. She has even responded to some that did not seek her advice.

One of her key aims was to ensure that deaf children in Scotland are taught by properly qualified Teachers of the Deaf. She has always said that when she achieved that aim then she would step down from the committee. Margaret has tirelessly pursued the mandatory qualification for all Teachers of the Deaf. Her efforts have been rewarded by the landmark change in ‘code 56’ (1956 Educational Act) and perhaps the new ruling should be called ‘code Margaret Highet 2005’.

In September 2005 the wording of the code was changed to include this reference

2005 No. 355

The Requirements for Teachers (Scotland) Regulations 2005

Requirement in the employment of teachers of hearing impaired pupils

5. Without prejudice to regulations 3 and 4, where, in discharging their functions under section 1 of the 1980 Act and section 2(1) of the 2000 Act, an education authority employ a teacher wholly or mainly to teach hearing impaired pupils that teacher shall possess an appropriate qualification to teach such pupils.

This Association applauds her commitment to deaf children and their families and to all those involved in deaf education and recognises her contribution to the work of BATOD in Scotland and on the NEC.

Margaret Highet listens to the citation Before the close of the AGM Carole Torrance outlined the work that Margaret has been doing on behalf of Scottish Teachers of the Deaf. Margaret listened attentively and protested that the work needed to be done and that she had enjoyed doing it.
Carole Torrance presents Margaret Highet with certificates Margaret modestly wanted no fuss - however the committee felt that all her work should be recognised. It was agreed to give Margaret life membership of BATOD Scotland and to have the new wording of the code on framed certificates. As President of BATOD Carole Torrance presented Margaret Highet with certificates.
The committee presented a bouquet to flowers to MargaretMaraget Highet with certificates After the conference the BATOD Scotland committee presented a bouquet to Margaret to show their appreciation of all the work that has been done over the years.
Margaret Highet shows her certificate The certificates will remind Margaret of the appreciation of BATOD Scotland and also the National Executive Council of BATOD.