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Archived reports to NEC by BATOD Scotland representatives


  1. Regional/National information and events report

    see no 4

  2. Committee meetings report

    We have been continuing to plan our conference in November, which has now changed to 3rd November due to problems with our original venue. We have Patricia McDonald from the SQA to talk about the new examinations and assessments that are being brought in in Scotland, as well as a speech and language therapist, educational psychologist and lip reading tutor to run workshops on the assessments they carry out.

  3. Planned events for the next 12 months

    Datetopic venue contact
    3 Nov 2012Assessment George Square, GlasgowEleanor Hutchinson

  • Issues which Regional committee wishes NEC to consider:

    Reclassification of ToDs in Glasgow: title to become ‘inclusion teachers’ and role to be changed from supporting in the classroom to advising mainstream teachers only – this is an issue that concerns us greatly and we believe needs to be addressed by both BATOD and the EIS.

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    1. Regional/National information and events report

      On 12 May we held a half-day conference at the Novotel in Glasgow and welcomed Jan Savage, Director of NDCS Scotland. Jan gave us a very thorough and interesting update on the current projects being undertaken by the NDCS. In Scotland we have an excellent working relationship with the NDCS, which we hope to continue building on.

      As part of the conference we had a chance to talk to the few members who were present about what they would be interested in seeing at future conferences. Myra Orr will be writing a short piece for the magazine.

      We have some concerns about a lack of interest amongst BATOD members in Scotland, partly due to the current financial climate, but also due to members not knowing exactly what benefits membership brings. This is something we hope to address over the coming months by liaising with Moray House to boost membership amongst trainee ToDs, and doing our best to ensure current members are aware of what BATOD does and how it applies to Scottish members.

      We also received very positive feedback about the Facebook page.

    2. Committee meetings report

      We are busy planning our November conference at the moment. Our main speaker will be Patricia McDonald from the SQA, who will be speaking about the new examination arrangements. We’re hoping this will be of interest to most ToDs, if not all, and we are looking into inviting members of other professions in order to boost the number of delegates, as well as opening up to as many people as possible this valuable opportunity to put questions directly to a representative of the SQA.

      We have also been discussing different options for keeping members up to date with what we have been doing as a committee, and particularly having some means of members easily being able to ask questions of the committee. We have considered Google groups and GLOW, but have not yet reached a satisfactory conclusion.

    3. Planned events for the next 12 months

      Datetopic venue contact
      2 June 2012Committee meeting NDCS GlasgowBATOD Scotland Committee
      10 Nov 2012Conference – SQA update on new examinations and the implication for deaf students Central Hotel, GlasgowEleanor Hutchinson

  • Issues which Regional committee wishes NEC to consider:

    • Possibly a magazine feature detailing exactly what BATOD does with the fees, and how all regions benefit from what BATOD does.

    • Could the new website have a forum, where members could post questions either for NEC or for their regional committee?

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    Reports to NEC by Elaine Harris, BATOD Scotland representative


    1. Regional/National information and events report On the 5th November we held the annual Scottish BATOD Conference in Edinburgh. We welcomed Sue Archbold as the Keynote speaker and her topic on ‘Deaf Education - changed by cochlear implantation’ was well received by the 43 delegates on the day. Sue asked the question as to whether deaf education could keep apace with the scientists and surgeons and assured Teachers of the Deaf that they still had a role to play in supporting the families of deaf children and supporting the linguistic development of deaf children. Two workshops were delivered covering the topics of Audiology testing and Music and the Deaf. Jean McAllister stepped in at late notice to deliver a very informative session on all the current testing procedures, which our pupils go through. We also had Danny Lane who provided us with practical strategies on how to teach rhythm and musical notation to deaf children. This was a very active session, which had us enthralled.

    2. Committee meetings report A committee meeting was held on the 8th October, which was mainly taken up with the organisation of the conference day and the arrangements for contacting delegates to ensure that we got to as wide an audience as possible. Seven committee members attended this meeting held at the NDCS offices in Glasgow. The issue of a register for Teachers of the Deaf for Scotland was discussed and it was planned at the next committee meeting to draft a letter to GTC Scotland to see whether they would consider amending the annual form to designate specifically those who are qualified HI teachers as this is now a mandatory status.

      The AGM was held on the 5th November where the post of chairperson passed from Jean McAllister to Carol Thomson and the other posts were confirmed or new people proposed. No suggestions for changes to the conference arrangements or for new magazine topics were offered on the day. However, members were asked to consider a number of issues and to get back to the committee with their suggestions. Around 15-20 members attended the AGM with two members considering whether they will join the committee. They will be most welcome as we are trying to recruit new members to the committee.

    3. Planned events for the next 12 months

      date topic venue contact
      28 Jan 2012 Committee meeting NDCS office, Glasgow Carol Thomson
      21 April 2012 Committee meeting NDCS office Glasgow Carol Thomson
      12 May 2012 Half day conference TBA Carol Thomson

    4. Issues which Regional committee wishes NEC to consider:

      Nothing to discuss.

    5. As of the November AGM Carol Thomson is now the Chairperson and Cathie Finestone is the new treasurer – Eleanor Hutchinson remains the secretary.

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    The Scottish Committee met in August, with an attendance of five members and with two apologies, to further the planning of the forthcoming November 2011 conference to be held in Edinburgh. We now have a keynote speaker in Sue Archbold and an agreed title for the event – Deaf Education …..A New Era? We are hosting workshops on Music and the Deaf with Danny Lane and on storytelling skills with Eleanor and a colleague. We set the programme for the day and tried to give more prominence to the exhibitors this time round having learnt lessons from the previous conference.

    Unfortunately our treasurer, Anne Pack, after doing a sterling job for the last few years, has confirmed that she is resigning from the post and so we now are seeking a new treasurer and a new secretary and some additional volunteers for the committee. We have agreed dates for our committee meetings until May 2012 and have forwarded these for inclusion in the magazine and on the website as appropriate.

    Following an email questioning whether or not the numbers of profoundly deaf children were reducing we looked to find numbers for areas in Scotland. Certainly in my area numbers over the last few years have remained constant with no drastic reduction in evidence. Other areas in Scotland are also reporting no great changes in numbers.

    Issues which Regional committee wishes NEC to consider:

    Could we have an updated list of the membership details for our region on an annual basis so that we have up to date details for newsletters and other contacts. It is sometime since we had information and we have not been successful when trying to contact Fiona for an update.

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    The Scotland committee has met twice recently - at the beginning of May and June, mainly to arrange the details of the 5 November conference this year which has now been confirmed with an Edinburgh venue in the King James Hotel. A central venue has been chosen close to Waverley station for the convenience of the delegates. We also considered the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow, which also seemed suitable and may be kept in mind for the venue for 2012. The Edinburgh hotel was chosen after surveying the members who gave us their email contacts at the last conference.

    We are still struggling to secure a keynote speaker as those we have already contacted are not available on the date of the conference. We do have firmer arrangements for the workshop presenters who are hopefully to include subjects such as Music and deafness, Small Talk, and maybe Cued Speech. We also have a workshop on Internet Usage by our secretary Eleanor and Nicola Hartmann. As a committee we have learned from the last conference and hope to be more efficient when organising the exhibitors space this time around. ‘Gold’ exhibitors will be given the opportunity to speak to the main Hall for 15 minutes. We have agreed to keep costs down and have prices of £65 for non-members and £55 for members.

    The committee have agreed to keep future contributions to the magazine on the agenda. For September’s issue we have two Scottish contributions and others have made suggestions for future articles. The aim is to have some Scottish content in each edition.

    Eleanor has indicated that she would like to resign as the secretary as of the AGM this year but will still remain on the committee.

    Issues which Regional committee wishes NEC to consider:

    Travelling expenses peripatetic Teachers of the Deaf. In Scotland some peri- staff are having their mileage rates severely squeezed; some from 45p a mile to 25p, while others are being offered ‘pool’ cars or bicycles. Is this an issue elsewhere?

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    We had a very successful day in Perth for our BATOD Scotland Conference. This was the overall view of the delegates who joined us on the day. We had 50% returns on our evaluation forms and these included phrases like: ‘inspiring’, ‘enormous benefit’, ‘have better understanding’, and’ thoroughly enjoyed the day’. Dr Burman’s keynote speech on her Oxford Literacy and Maths projects was highly praised and was thought to provide teachers with practical resources and downloadable assessment tools which delegates were eager to use in their own settings.

    All three workshops gained equal praise. Rachel O’Neill’s language modification workshop and Audrey Cameron and Gary Quinn’s efforts in relation to building a signing vocabulary for specific exam subjects were thought to be very informative. Alan McQueen’s input on the Technology boxes available to families also received high praise. The only negative comments concerned the listed building and disabled access and a faulty sound system. As a committee we were disappointed in the numbers attending which were lower than expected and seem to be connected to disappearing CPD budgets, which is a concern for the future. This conference was a learning experience for the present committee and a more informed approach will be available for the planning of the next conference day.

    Gary’s presidential address was well received and we managed on the day to recruit one definite new committee member and one possible member following the AGM.

    A pressing issue had come to the fore in the week leading up to the conference; the imminent closure of the Scottish sensory Centre in June of this year as part of the government cuts. This is a massive blow to Deaf Education as well as to the other sensory organisations as we rely heavily each year on the SSC for an up to date specialist library provision and for their programme of CPD events. A lettering campaign has begun to get MSPs attention on this issue and an Action Group working together with the NDCS has been established with two committee members joining Jan Savage to condemn this closure and try to get a reversal of the decision. BATOD Scotland committee is drafting a letter to the Scottish Government to make our position clear.

    Issues which Regional committee wishes NEC to consider:

    Concerns about numbers for future conferences and whether they will be viable as far as cost is concerned.

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    10-12-10 postponed to 29-01-11

    BATOD Scotland committee held a morning meeting in the NDCS office in Glasgow on the 2nd October. Following this meeting we managed to rearrange the date for the Perth conference, with the Ramada Jarvis Hotel, to the 26th February 2011. We were lucky that they allowed us to carry forward our deposit. We have now also reorganised the main speaker, Diana Burman, who luckily can accommodate us on the new date. The committee is working hard to arrange workshops for the new date. Currently we have workshops on Language Moderation, the feasibility of electronic exam papers and possibly BAHAs or NDCS ‘Technology boxes’. It is thought that if we manage to get 60 delegates we will be financially secure on the funding for this conference. A conference call has been arranged for the 29th November to finalise the flyer for members to choose their workshop preferences.

    Cathie Finestone and Jean MacAllister attended the initial meeting for the Moray House Training course. This is to be an annual meeting. The new course will have 5 modules specific to deaf education. Discussion surrounded the research on the up-date to the previous ADPS study.

    BATOD Scotland members may wish to know about some events at Moray House.

    1. Wednesday 23rd Feb 6.30 - 8.30 pm as part of the EdSign series, Richard Carter from Elmfield School in Bristol will do some storytelling in British Sign Language and explain how he uses it in his work at the school. This is a free lecture and is interpreted into English.
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    2. Monday 21st March I think 1pm, Paterson's Land 1.18  Lilian Lawson from SCOD has been working with the Scottish Deaf History Group to produce a DVD about Deaf Scottish people's lives. The first DVD to be launched is about employment. It's in BSL with a voice over and subtitles. All the participants (55 Deaf people from across Scotland, mostly aged over 60) have been invited, and Lilian would also like to invite deaf children and their teachers. She will be sending out an invite soon via the heads of service mailing list.
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    3. Thursday 24th March. This is the launch of the Early Years materials at the Scottish Sensory Centre. It's the delayed course from 1st December, so has to be enrolled for in the usual way for SSC courses via the website.  We will be launching the Early Years DVD which aims to empower parents to use everyday play to stimulate language development, and the Scottish Early Years standards for multi agency teams.
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    Our committee meeting in August was not well attended for a number of reasons and so the conference planning is not as far on as we would like. We are now also aware that the Cochlear team are holding a conference on the same day at Crosshouse hospital and a number of teachers have already indicated that they are thinking of attending Crosshouse instead of coming to Perth. Some early replies from possible exhibitors suggest that they are unable to justify spending budgets on travelling to Perth. Another committee meeting is being held early in October to try to iron out some of the difficulties and to finalise arrangements. One of the workshops on GLOW is to be of a practical nature and there are issues around getting laptops and connections to make this possible.

    As a committee we have responded to the consultations on the Equality Act as regards the additional support needs tribunals and on the ‘BSL up-take’ agreeing to support the call for free sign language support for services and free classes for families of deaf children.

    We are losing a member of the committee (past chair of the committee) as Moira Callan is resigning from the committee and so we will try to recruit a new member at the forthcoming conference.

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    The arrangements are coming together for the November Conference in Perth this year. It has been confirmed that the venue will be the Ramada Jarvis and the date the 6th November. A list of previous contacts for possible exhibitors has been forwarded now and invitations to attend will be issued soon. It is hoped that more people from the northern regions will be able to attend this time.

    A new venue for the next committee meeting has been secured at the NDCS offices in Glasgow.

    The half day conference in May was held at the new Donaldson's College building on the 8th May with those attending being offered the chance to see round the school. Agnes Allen had asked for an opportunity to speak at the conference as she wished to make people aware of changes in procedures at Crosshouse Hospital - the Implant centre in Scotland. Crosshouse is to offer three annual study days each year and Agnes outlined the staffing changes that would apply. They are moving to a key worker situation to provide more continuity. Crosshouse is to provide new protocols for working and have asked for feedback from ToDs. She offered an interesting point that less than half of parents were taking up the opportunity of simultaneous implants. Another major shift seemed to be that Crosshouse does not want primary aged pupils to use radio aid systems. They would much prefer children to hear directly with the implant in the early years.

    The second speaker was Adrian Carragher - Head of Audiology for Ayrshire and Arran - who explained the current standing for the NHS Quality Improvement Scotland report. The problem seemed be that currently Audiology is missing the justification on how they meet the standards and they need evidence to back up how they do things. A common issue was a lack of consistency across services. He pointed to more liaison being required between ToDs and Audiologists and that there were currently talks about having joint NHS/Education budgets for FM systems. Publishing of the final report is imminent.

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    A Joint Event was held on the 9th May between BATOD and RCSLT at Moray House in Edinburgh to develop awareness and ownership of the Joint Guidance on Collaborative working. 40 members were expected on the day but in the event 15 additional members came along making it a healthy turn-out. In the morning an outline of the Guidelines was given by Fiona Jarvis (SLT and accredited RCSLT Adviser) followed by a number of examples of good practice from practitioners. After an ample lunch, mixed groups from both disciplines discussed the benefits and challenges of implementing the guidelines locally and how any difficulties might be overcome. Some very positive sharing of ideas and priorities led to an interesting feedback session. Fiona Jarvis agreed to collate the workshop outcomes and members were asked to forward to her any further examples of good practice to be shared on the web. Evaluations were extremely favourable and many agreed that a follow-up conference would be useful to see what progress might be made in producing local protocols.

    The committee is still progressing the planning for the Annual November conference likely to be held in Glasgow.

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    BATOD Scotland’s planning for the November 1st conference – ‘Raising Attainment – A Holistic Approach’, is almost complete. A venue has been booked in Glasgow at the appropriately named ‘Teachers’ Building’ in St. Enoch’s Square. We have organised workshops on: Acoustics, Short-term memory, Transition to FE, Early Years; Getting it Right, ICT and Parent Expectations. M. Marschark is the keynote speaker focusing on ‘Grade Expectations’.

    Some progress has been made on the Teacher Training Competency Accreditation route which is being developed in Scotland. We are aware of two separate authorities developing procedures based on the government competency schedule. One LA feels that some elements of training have been overlooked and are adding to the competencies while the other authority has decided to reduce the number of competencies, which it will validate. Clearly there is not going to be uniformity across Scotland. It is currently thought that LAs will use these competencies to give Support Assistants and Classroom Assistants a qualification; maybe at certificate level. It is being suggested that if students then wished to carry forward their training to the next level, to diploma or degree level, then further competencies would be identified and offered possibly at Edinburgh University. However these matters are still under discussion and have still to be finalised.

    Membership and Finance Committee was asked if note-takers would be included in the agreement which allows the BATOD Treasurer to pay for Interpreters at conferences.

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    Reports to NEC by Fiona Mackenzie, BATOD Scotland Secretary


    BATOD Scotland held a morning meeting on May 10th. In the first half of the meeting Chris Ratcliffe and Jan Savage from NDCS Scotland gave us a clear picture of where NDCS Scotland stands on the issue of the ToD competency training route. The Scottish Government is standing firm on its decision to make the training of Teachers of the Deaf available through the competencies route. Issues of lack of standardisation, differing levels of competency and a dilution of the current professional standard were all discussed in a rigorous manner.

    NDCS Scotland, in conjunction with BATOD, has not been complacent and Chris outlined all the measures that have been undertaken to date to lobby the Scottish Executive but so far to no avail.

    There are concerns that the provision for deaf pupils will end up as a postcode lottery.

    Chris urged those in attendance to write to their MSPs and to encourage colleagues to do likewise and to make parents aware of the changes and Jan said that NDCS would draft a letter that members and parents could copy.

    The second half of the meeting saw Elaine Harris giving us an introduction to the practicalities of setting out on the APL route for Charter Teacher. Detailed descriptions delivered by Anne Pack and Mary Dowell of how they both achieved their full accreditation using their training and selected 'critical incidents' from practice followed. The APL route closes in August this year and Anne gave advice on how it can still be accessed if applied for now.

    As part of the ongoing discussions regarding the competencies route for training Teachers of the Deaf, Moira Callan, Carole Torrance and Paul Simpson met with Rosa Murray and Tom Hamilton from the General Teaching Council Scotland.

    At this meeting it was made clear that, the GTC wants the competencies decided by the relevant people and for them to be of a high standard and validated. Now that the issue has been raised with the GTC, they are going to further examine the situation. A full report on this meeting is in this pack.

    Questions have already been tabled in the Scottish Parliament and some of the responses highlight the outdated data available to MSPs. To this end BATOD Scotland has sent out a short survey to its schools and services. So far we have had an 82% return. Fiona and Carole are continuing to ‘harass’ those we are still waiting for! Results so far show:

    Total number of ToDs: 173
    ToDs over 50 years of age: 54%
    ToDs over 56 years of age: 23%
    ToDs under 40 years of age: 16%
    Unqualified ToDs: 10%
    ToDs in training: 11%

    Organisation of our AGM and Conference is well under way. We have a venue booked in Glasgow and Marc Marschark has agreed to be our keynote speaker. We have workshops on early years, transition to FE, maths, short-term memory, acoustics and IT booked. Further details are on the website via a calendar link.

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    Reports to NEC by Carol Thomson, BATOD Scotland Representative


    Annual Conference BATOD Scotland will hold its Annual Conference on Saturday 1st November. The theme of the conference will be ‘Transition’ which hopefully will be held in Glasgow.

    Charter Teacher Status After discussion at our last Committee meeting it was decided that BATOD Members should be encouraged to seek Charter Teacher status and, to this end, it was decided that another newsletter should be sent out.

    Teacher of the Deaf Training It was the feeling of the committee that the competences were here to stay, and that local authorities would choose this method of training teachers. Once a teacher has reached the required standard, they would be eligible to be certified by the GTCS as a teacher of the hearing impaired. The committee also agreed that this method of training Teachers of the Deaf (or the lack of it) should be brought to the notice of parents and others. The Committee were in contact with NDCS regarding this.

    We also decided to hold a half day meeting in May where we could discuss the situation regarding the training of Teachers of the Deaf as well as the latest news on chartered teacher.

    Audit It was decided that we would audit the Teachers of the Deaf in Scotland to give us a better overview of the profession. We are presently drawing up the questionnaire which will be sent out to schools and services.

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    BATOD Scotland held its Annual Conference on Saturday 3rd November in Donaldson's College, Edinburgh. The theme of the conference was ‘Deaf Children with Complex Needs’. In all 80 delegates attended of whom 50 were members. The evaluation sheets recorded that 98% were happy with their day.

    We were happy that the BATOD Steering Group were able to join us for our Conference and AGM.

    The AGM took place just before lunch and Alison Weaver, BATOD President, spoke about her time as President and what changes she had seen during the two years of her tenure.

    Aileen Watson, Chair, spoke of the work of BATOD Scotland and in particular, our responses to the paper regarding the training of Teachers of the Deaf in Scotland and the Scottish Government's idea that all local authorities are to be granted powers to train their own Teachers of the Deaf. BATOD had met with Mike Gibson along with representatives of NDCS, GTC(S), RNID and others to discuss the issues. As yet no amicable solution has been reached and we continue to lobby all those interested parties to find an acceptable outcome. There will be a follow up meeting at Moray House (Edinburgh University) to discuss the competencies which Mike Gibson says we can discuss. We will also be discussing how to take this matter forward regarding who can train Teachers of the Deaf.

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    Report to NEC by Fiona Mackenzie, BATOD Scotland Secretary


    BATOD Scotland has had one conference call since the last NEC. We have finalised the arrangements for our AGM & Conference in November.

    We have secured Wendy McCracken as our Keynote speaker and the conference will be entitled ‘Complex Needs – Deafness Diagnosed – What Next?’

    Delegates will choose 3 workshops from the following:

    • Cochlear Implants: An overview and troubleshooting
    • Hearing and Radio Aid update
    • KidTrax: An introduction to Speech Tracking
    • Small Talk: Working with families of very young babies
    • Visual Phonics: Phonic learning for the profoundly deaf
    • GLOW: The Scottish Schools Digital Network.

    After the success of last year, we will be doing our own catering.

    The national steering group is meeting on Friday 2nd November in Stirling and will be attending our AGM; BATOD President Alison Weaver has agreed to speak at the AGM.

    A letter was sent out to all concerned from BATOD Scotland regarding the training of Teachers of the Deaf. Carole Torrance, Fiona Mackenzie and Paul Simpson met with NDCS and RNID in July. A meeting is now being arranged for Aileen Watson, Carole Torrance and Paul Simpson to meet up with The Scottish Government (Scottish Executive), to discuss this further.

    National BATOD is holding the AGM & Conference in London in March 2008, and plans are under way to have a satellite conference in the North of England. It is also possible, if there are enough interested people, there could be a second satellite conference in Edinburgh. Fiona Mackenzie attended a meeting regarding this and has asked Scottish members to register their interest.

    A number of the present BATOD Scotland committee members are due to retire during this coming school year, and consequently will be retiring from the committee in November. Therefore we are hoping to recruit some new members to the committee at our AGM.

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    Batod Scotland has held one conference call since the last NEC Meeting.

    The committee is still very concerned regarding the letter sent out by Mike Gibson regarding the ‘Guidance on Appropriate Qualifications for Teachers of Children and Young Persons who are Hearing Impaired, Visually Impaired or Both Hearing and Visually Impaired’ paper.

    We discussed the outcome of the SAVIE meeting that was held on 26/04/07, where Mike Gibson was attending. The VI teachers are as worried as we are, regarding the future of sensory impairment education.

    BATOD Scotland has contacted NDCS, RNID, SCOD, DELTA, Rachel O’Neil (Edinburgh University) and Paul Simpson (BATOD) to arrange a meeting to discuss the situation. A letter detailing our objections to Mike Gibson's letter and raising some issues not covered is at present being sent out to interested parties.

    Plans are continuing for our November Conference, ‘Deaf Children with Complex Needs’. David Bond has agreed to be the keynote speaker, with workshops to include: Visual Phonics, Audiology, Kidstrax (Med-El), Small Talk (Cochlear), TJ Maths & Reading Assessment.

    We look forward to welcoming BATOD Steering Group to our AGM & Conference.

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    Since the last NEC Meeting BATOD Scotland has corresponded with the following:
    • Edinburgh University, regarding the lack of a teaching placement on the Moray House course.
    • The Education Minister (Scotland), regarding the salary scales of Teachers of the Deaf alongside those of Chartered Teachers. (Thanks to Paul Simpson for his input)
    • The Scottish Executive, replying to the draft document entitled: ‘Guidance on Appropriate Qualifications for Teachers of Children and Young Persons who are Hearing-Impaired, Visually Impaired or Both Hearing and Visually Impaired’.

    A questionnaire has been prepared asking Heads of Services about the number, age and qualifications of their Teachers of the Deaf, so that we can see the trends. This will help us in our campaigning for Teacher of the Deaf/Chartered Teacher. This questionnaire will be sent out in the very near future.

    We have met just once since the last NEC Meeting where we welcomed 4 new members.

    We spent some time discussing our half day conference in May, Cochlear (Europe) has agreed to deliver a session on ‘Exploring Issues of Deafness (with teenagers and older primary children)’

    It was also decided that our November Conference would have the theme of deaf children with complex needs. Various speakers were discussed and committee members will make contact.

    At the Heads of Services meeting, held in Edinburgh on February 26th, Rachel O’Neil outlined her vision for the Moray House course. BATOD Scotland was pleased to hear that she will be incorporating a teaching placement on the course. (Subject to approval from the University)

    BATOD Scotland are extremely concerned about the now published ‘Guidance on Appropriate Qualifications for Teachers of Children and Young Persons who are Hearing Impaired, Visually Impaired or Both Hearing and Visually Impaired’.

    This paper (it seems) is giving local authorities the power to create Teachers of the Deaf, providing that they can show competences in certain areas, without having to do post graduate training!

    We will be making contact with the Scottish Executive about this.

    It was also decided that, if it was possible, we would alter our May meeting and invite Mike Gibson, (Head of Support for Learning at the Scottish Executive), to attend to explain this part of the publication.

    We would welcome BATOD national’s support as we take this matter further. During the March NEC meeting it was unanimously agreed that BATOD Scotland's approaches would be strongly supported at by the National Association.

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    Report to NEC by Jenifer Morris, Scotland representative


    BATOD Scotland held its annual conference and AGM on 4th November 2006 – it was very well attended (96 delegates). After the disappointment of small numbers from last time, great thought had been given to content, timing and location and so, having returned to the old venue numbers increased.

    The keynote speaker was Dr. Glynnis Parker from North Trent Medical Audiology who spoke about the ‘hot’ topic of Auditory Neuropathy. She discussed diagnosis and its effects and her presentation well received.

    In the afternoon, there was a series of workshops, of which all delegates attended three. They included co-ordinated support plans, the language of exams, Anne Worsfold from the Cued Speech Association, a presentation by Brian Shannon (ToD from Fife) about the DigiBlue Camera, a deafness and autism and a workshop run by Phonak where new audiological equipment was discussed.

    Current issues which have been under discussion in Scotland are the lack of a teaching element in the Teacher of the Deaf training course at Moray House in Edinburgh, sending a survey to Heads of Service to find out about the profession in Scotland and the lack of younger teachers opting to train as ToDs, when they could earn more as a Chartered Teacher.

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    Report to NEC by Fiona McKenzie, Scotland secretary


    The Scotland committee has met once and had one conference call since the last NEC meeting.

    Jenifer Morris attended the June NEC as an observer, she reported that she found the session very interesting and enjoyed her day, especially the afternoon break-out session.

    Moira Callan told the committee that she felt she had to stand down as Scotland rep on the NEC as she has been able to attend the last few meetings, due to her mother's illness. Jenifer has agreed to take over the role and hopes to attend NEC in December.

    Our second newsletter went out at the beginning of term, and once again those people who gave us feedback were all very positive. We hope to get more contributors at the AGM.

    The rest of our committee time has been taken up with organising our AGM and Conference. It is to be held on Saturday 4th November at Donaldson's College. Dr Glynis Parker from Sheffield has agreed to deliver the keynote speech on Auditory Neuropathy in the morning. There will be a choice of 3, from a selection of 6, unrelated workshops in the afternoon.

    A letter has gone out to all members to encourage more to join our committee; we would like all the education areas of Scotland to be represented.

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    Reports to NEC by Moira Callan, Scotland representative


    BATOD Scotland held a half-day conference in May. The meeting was a success despite early fears of small numbers. Feedback from delegates was very good and the interaction between speakers and delegates was positive.

    The first topic was 'Language and Accessibility Issues in Assessment'. The issue of Deaf students accessing SQA examinations whether through BSL or English was discussed. Input on the next topic, the 'Additional Support for Learning Act', is always welcome. This will be an ongoing training issue for Teachers of the Deaf in Scotland.

    There have been thirteen replies so far to the questionnaire sent out to find members' views on conference locations, topics and dates. These will be further discussed when more replies have been received.

    The new Scottish newsletter has been very well received and this will continue. Hopefully more BATOD members will become involved and send items for inclusion.

    The next BATOD Scotland conference will be the AGM on 4 November 2006. This will be held at Donaldson's College in Edinburgh. The speaker and workshop topics have yet to be confirmed.

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    BATOD Scotland has not met since the last report but has had successful conference calls. This has been found to be more convenient for committee members, to save travelling times and of course is more cost effective.

    Following our last conference, all Scottish BATOD members are to receive a letter and questionnaire from Aileen Watson, Chair of BATOD Scotland, asking for their input for future conferences. Members will be asked about conference content, the format and also the venue. This information will be collated to help the committee organise future events.

    Members will also soon receive the first BATOD Scotland newsletter. It is hoped that members will become involved in this, supplying articles, useful websites, relevant information etc.

    Scotland now has the mandatory Teacher of the Deaf qualification. This now needs to be brought to the attention of the organisers of the Moray House course in Edinburgh as their course still does not have a teaching element. This means that those trained at Moray House will not be able to work as Teachers of the Deaf outwith Scotland.

    The next BATOD Scotland conference will be a half-day one on Saturday 13 May 2006. Patricia Macdonald from the SQA will be speaking on the topic of exam modification. There has been concern about the lack of modification of papers for oral hearing-impaired pupils.

    BATOD Scotland would like support from NEC in addressing the situation with Moray House regarding the lack of a teaching element in the course.

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    BATOD Scotland held its AGM and conference at the Golden Lion hotel in Stirling on 5 November 2005.

    At the AGM, Fiona Mackenzie retired as Chairperson and the new chair is Aileen Watson. Thanks go to Fiona for her very hard work and we are pleased to note that she will continue as a committee member. Good wishes go to Aileen for her term as Committee Chairperson.

    Margaret Highet retired as secretary to the committee. Margaret worked very hard for the committee and had made many useful contacts, so her retirement will be a big loss. Margaret said she would retire after code 56 went through and she was presented with a framed copy of this to mark her success. We send all our best wishes to Margaret for the future. There are photos of the event on the BATOD website - Scotland folder.

    Also resigning from the committee were Alison Garbett and Dorothy McHaffie. Thanks go to both for their hard work as committee members. BATOD Scotland is therefore now looking for new committee members.

    The conference focused on 'Developing Enquiry Skills', with Paul Dearlove as the keynote speaker. He currently works with schools, parents and community groups across Northumberland supporting the work of NRAIS (The Northumberland Raising Aspirations in Society Project) in Radical Encouragement.

    Around 40 delegates attended the conference and Paul's talk was well received. After an excellent lunch, there were three afternoon workshops from Paul, Morag McInnes (an SFL teacher in Kirkcaldy) and Raymond Young (CPD coordinator in Clackmannanshire). Evaluations of the day were good, but there were some issues with technology. Only one suggestion was received for future topics and that was on allowances and how to complete forms for this.

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    The BATOD Scotland committee met in August after the summer break. A new venue had been decided for the meeting - the Golden Lion hotel in Stirling. This proved a successful choice with little travel difficulties for committee members.

    Fiona Mackenzie has still had no response from Sodexho regarding the communication following the last AGM. She will now forward the correspondence to their London address.

    Margaret Highet is retiring as secretary at the AGM in November. There were no willing volunteers on the committee to take over from Margaret and this issue will be raised at the AGM. Margaret will be a huge loss to BATOD Scotland as she has many contacts in the Scottish Parliament and it is hoped she will still be involved as a consultant to the committee.

    Fiona attended a meeting of the Audiological Paediatric subgroup Audiology Modernisation and has submitted a report to NEC.

    The rest of the meeting focused on arrangements for the AGM and conference which will be held on the 5 November 2005 in the Golden Lion hotel in Stirling. The focus of the meeting will be Literacy. It will be a full day conference at a cost of £50 to members and £60 to non-members. It is hoped to have a BATOD stand in addition to the exhibitors.

    Congratulations to Moira (Philip) who was married in early July. She is now Moira Callan.

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    The committee continues to be in contact with Sodexho regarding the Conference in November 2004. So far we have not had a reply to the letter detailing the concerns of delegates.

    Margaret Highet responded on behalf of the committee to a consultation document on Code 56.

    The BATOD Scotland website page was further discussed and it was agreed that a newsletter would be produced and that members would be asked for suggestions and items for the site.

    The launch of the Blue Skies project in Scotland highlighted the issue of providing and using ICT equipment with Deaf pupils. The committee discussed this and the possible involvement of the Scottish Executive.

    Our May conference had to be cancelled as there was a clash of dates with a conference to be held in Glasgow.

    The 2005 AGM has now been arranged – it is to be held on 5 November and will be in The Golden Lion Hotel in Stirling. The focus of this conference will be literacy.

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    BATOD Scotland committee welcomed Jenifer Morris to the meeting and spent much time discussing the November AGM and conference. Evaluation sheets showed that the speaker, George Robinson was excellent and very well received. Unfortunately, the venue had to be changed and comments from the participants were that the standards of the new venue were unacceptable. A letter has therefore been sent to the conference centre listing the relevant issues.

    A date has been decided for the next AGM and conference. This is to be 5 November 2005. A venue has yet to be arranged and committee members are investigating various locations. The focus of the day will be sign language, deafness and literacy and speakers for the day were suggested.

    A date was also set for the half day conference in May. This will be on 7 May 2005 and will focus on the modernisation of audiology services, including the issues of NHSP and the change to digital hearing aids.

    Ongoing discussions for committee meetings include

    • the issue of the mandatory qualification
    • training for Teachers of the Deaf
    • SCOD - the cross party working group

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    BATOD Scotland Committee were met with a challenge when, shortly before the event, the venue for the conference and AGM on 6 November had to be changed due to a rugby match at Murrayfield. It was very fortunate that an alternative venue, Tynecastle Conference Centre, was available at such short notice.

    Although the conference was extremely well attended, about 100 people being present very few members attended the AGM which started the day. Following the reports, a new member for the committee came forward.

    It was very pleasing to see such an excellent turnout for George Robinson, from Lucky Duck publishing, who was a superb speaker and certainly kept the interest of the delegates. George's talk was very well received and everyone had a most enjoyable and informative day. It was a very interactive meeting. Many positive comments were heard by the end of the day.

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    BATOD Scotland Committee has held only one committee meeting since the last NEC meeting.

    The response received regarding the Teacher of the Deaf course was discussed. The system of modular training at Moray House is currently being reviewed.

    All Scottish committee members were encouraged to visit, and to have input into the Scottish section of the BATOD website .

    The Scottish committee formally congratulated Carole Torrance on her inauguration as president of BATOD.

    Much committee time was spent on the organisation of the November AGM and conference. This is to be on the topic of 'Emotional Literacy' with George Robinson from Lucky Duck Publishing as the speaker. The venue will be the Murrayfield Stadium on the 6 November.

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    Margaret Bond was welcomed as a new member of the committee. A newsletter is to be sent to members on a regular basis. The format of this was discussed and contributions were requested. It was decided to enclose any correspondence with the newsletter eg recent letters to Scottish Council on Deafness, Scottish Executive Education Department and Moray House.

    Committee members were alerted to the revamped BATOD website. They were asked to check the Scottish pages and advised that the newsletter would also be available online. Margaret Highet is monitoring the Additional Support for Learning Bill and is making appropriate comment on behalf of BATOD Scotland.

    BATOD Scotland held a meeting in Donaldsons College on Saturday 21 February on the subject of ‘Chartered Teacher Status and Teachers of the Deaf’. Members were asked to submit questions for a panel including Iain Smith, the Dean of the Faculty of Education at Strathclyde University, Myra Pearson, the Depute Registrar of GTC Scotland and John Landon of Edinburgh University. Ian Smith outlined the Programme Route to Chartered Teacher Status and how it is done at his University and then Myra Pearson explained the GTC Route of prior accreditation. This route will enable a teacher to make a simultaneous claim for all the modules. John Landon then explained how the Deaf Education modules available at Edinburgh University could be accredited to the Chartered Teacher Programme.

    Many questions were put to the panel from our members and it was felt that the various routes to Chartered Teacher are much clearer than they were at our previous similar meeting in May 2002. Many teachers, however, are still annoyed that being a qualified Teacher of the Deaf is not an automatic entry to Chartered Teacher. George Robinson is to lead our AGM on self-esteem and emotional wellbeing on 6 November.

    The venue of Murrayfield Conference Centre in Edinburgh is to be confirmed and we hope for a good attendance. Moira Philip Scotland representative

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    December NEC,January 2004 Magazine

    At the beginning of November BATOD Scotland held its AGM which was very well attended and positively received. The speaker was Elizabeth Andrews (RNID) - thanks to her for a most interesting and informative talk. Our group discussions however will need to have more purposeful chairing in the future. Thirteen new BATOD members were also signed up on this day.

    Fiona Mackenzie took over the chair from Isobel Aitken at the AGM. Many thanks go to Isobel for her two years as chairperson. We also had two resignations - Carole Clark and Michelle Brady, thanks to both for their hard work. We have two new committee members - Margaret Bond and Lin Spellman. At the committee meeting held after the AGM Aileen Watson was elected as our vice chairperson.

    Two committee members attended a cross-party group on Deafness where a wide spread of people with an interest in deaf issues were present, including MSPs. They had the opportunity to deliver a presentation focusing on current issues regarding ToDs. Their talk was well received and following this BATOD Scotland is to continue to lobby SEED on the issues of accredited prior learning for Chartered Teacher status and also on the duty of support for the 0-3 age group.

    Feedback from Scottish members indicated a high interest and many concerns regarding the issue of Chartered Teacher Status and the ToD qualification. It is therefore intended to hold a meeting in the near future to address this issue. The committee is also currently discussing training issues for the ToD course. It is also intended that a regular newsletter be issued in response to feedback from members.

    Education audiologist colleagues have also approached the committee to support them in ensuring that information is properly disseminated with regard to Modernisation of Children's Hearing Services (MCHAS).

    The proposed date for the BATOD Scotland AGM 2004 is planned for 6 November, the intended focus being on self-esteem and emotional wellbeing - an area highlighted in the feedback form.

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