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Information about National meetings and BATOD business

Date External participants Purpose Of Meeting Venue
November 2016
18University of Hertfordshire/Mary Hare SchoolToD training course consultative committeeMary Hare School
11FM working groupRegular meetingUniversity of Manchester
20 - 22FEAPDACongress - inclusionCentre de logopédie, Luxembourg
7OfqualAccess Consultation ForumOfqual, Coventry
23NatSIPReference and project group meetingsSENSE. London
19DESFProvisional date for meetingNDCS, London
14NDCSRegular liaison meetingNDCS, London
26DESFProvisional date for meetingNDCS, London
19CRIDERegular meetingFrank Barnes School, London
11BISQualifications for deaf apprenticesDepartment of Business, Innovation and Skills, London
24NatSIPReference and project group meetingsSENSE. London
16NDCSRegular liaison meetingNDCS, London
14OfqualAccess Consultation ForumCoventry
8AVUKPower of Speech eventHouse of Commons
7University of ManchesterConference arrangementsSkype
2DESFRegular meetingNDCS, London
25NatSIPWorking DayFriends' Meeting House, London
18Ear FoundationContact meeting with Kate Dixon, ToDEar Foundation, Nottingham
17Council for Disabled ChildrenFunding and white paper seminarCDC, London
16CRIDEStrategy meetingFrank Barnes School, London
9 - 12HIPENRegular meetingAngers
30FEAPDACommittee meetingLuxembourg
29NatSIPReference Group meetingSENSE, London
17 - 19ICAREWinter SchoolAachen
15NatSIPHOSS conference meetingNDCS, Birmingham
4NDCSLiaison meetingNDCS, London
26University of HertfordshireCourse committeeMary Hare School
23BDAContact meetingHolloway Road, London
11NatSIPWorking DayFriends' Meeting House, London
5NatSIPReference Group meetingSENSE, London
25BISNMH specificationBIS, London
23University of HertfordshireCourse committeeMary Hare School
15OfqualAccess Consultation ForumCoventry
December 2015
17CRIDERegular meetingFrank Barnes School, London
11NatSIPReference group meetingSENSE, London
2FMUK working groupRegular meetingLondon
2FLSESEND ForumEngine Rooms, London
24Communication TrustRegular meetingThe Lift, Islington
20NatSIPOfsted eventFriends' Meeting House, London
19CRIDERegular meetingNDCS, London
13Mary Hare School/Hertfordshire UniversityToD course consultative committeeMary Hare School
11CDCConsultation event - local area inspectionThe Studio, Manchester
10NDCSLiaison meetingNDCS, London
9NatSIPFuture Group meetingCentral Hall, Westminster
4AoHLLaunch of Hearing Matters reportHouses of Parliament
20OfqualAccess Consultation ForumCoventry
10FEAPDACouncil meetingLuxembourg
2Frank Barnes SchoolOpening of new schoolFrank Barnes School
1NatSIPWorking DayHamilton House, London
30FLSESEND ForumEngine Rooms, London
25NatSIPProject and reference groupSENSE, London
23CRIDEPossible survey meetingFrank Barnes School, new site
22iCAREIntermediate meetingLeuven, Belgium
3ATLPresident's receptionChurch House, Westminster
19NatSIPOfsted event planningNDCS, London
14Awarding BodiesGCSE endorsement for spoken languageEuston Square
16NatSIPMeeting about exam access arrangements publicationRNIB, Birmingham
8FLSESEND ForumEngine Rooms, London
5ICEDInternational CongressAthens
30NatSIPHOSS conferenceUniversity of Birmingham
22NDCSLiaison meetingNDCS, London
19NatSIPProject and reference groupSENSE, London
16OfqualAccess Consultation ForumCoventry
11DCALResearch conferenceCity University, London
9CRIDESurvey meetingNDCS, London
4NatSIPWorking DayHamilton House, London
22DESFRegular meetingNDCS, London
18HIPENVisit representing FEAPDA and BATODCluj-Napoca, Romania
13FLSESEND ForumEngine Rooms, London
29NatSIPPlanning meeting re Ofsted and inspections eventNDCS, London
25FEAPDACommittee meetingLuxembourg
24NatSIPProject and reference groupSENSE, London
22OCRMeeting about language modifiersCambridge
7NDCSCollege of TeachingNDCS, London
25FLSESEND ForumEngine Rooms, London
24Communication TrustRegular meetingThe Lift, London
22Deaf ExpoExhibitionMaidstone
11Scottish ParliamentRegular meeting Cross Party Group on DeafnessScottish Parliament
10NatSIPCurriculum DayWallsend
4NDCSRegular liaison meetingNDCS, London
25Communication TrustPolitical meetingHouses of Parliament
23NatSIPProject and reference groupSENSE, London
11 - 13iCAREWinter SchoolThessaloniki, Greece
11FLSESEND ForumEngine Rooms, London
6DESFRegular meetingNDCS, London
4NatSIPWorking DayHamilton House, London
2Ofqual EAGRegular meetingDfE, London
28Light into EuropeTalk to Romanian ToDsLondon
22OfqualAccess Consultation ForumCoventry
16NatSIPProject and reference groupSENSE, London
14CRIDESurvey confirmation meetingNDCS, London
13EDCMLaunch of reportHouses of Parliament
8University of BirminghamConsultative committee for MQ courseUniversity of Birmingham
December 2014
9Communication TrustRegular meetingThe Lift, London
8NCTLMQ consultation meetingNottingham
4Scottish ParliamentCross Party Group on DeafnessScottish Parliament
24NatSIPCurriculum and assessment study day and workshopMary Hare School
24NCTLMQ consultation meetingFrank Barnes School
21NDCSRegular liaison meetingNDCS, London
17CRIDESurvey development meetingNDCS, London
14NatSIPReference GroupSENSE, London
10NatSIPGrant bid meeting No. 2SENSE, London
4NatSIPGrant bid meetingSENSE, London
27DfE and NCTLMeeting about Phase 2 of MQ reviewSense HQ, 101 Pentonville Road, London N1 9LG
27AVUK10 years’ celebration of AVUK and Jacqueline StokesLABAN Trinity Conservatoire
17DESFRegular meetingNDCS, London
16NatSIPWorkstream 4 planning meeting:Leeds
11FEAPDACouncil meetingLuxembourg
10OfqualAccess Consultation Forum meetingOfqual, Coventry
1NatSIPWorking DayFriends' Meeting House, Euston, London
1SEND ForumRegular meetingThe Engine Rooms, London
23Communication TrustRegular meetingThe Lift, Islington
22CRIDERegular meetingChandler House, London
12NatSIPReference Group meetingSENSE, London
22Communication TrustRegular meetingThe Lift, Islington
18VIEWExecutive meetingMaidenhead
10CRIDERegular meetingChandler House, London
9FLSESEND ForumEngine Rooms, London
3NatSIPHOSS conferenceUniversity of Birmingham
25NDCSContact meetingLondon
18Special Education ConsortiumWorking party on reform of DSANCB, London
17OfqualConsultation on examination reformsBirmingham
12OfqualAccess Consultation Forum meetingOfqual, Coventry
11Scottish ParliamentAPGD meetingScottish Parliament
4NatSIPWorking DayHamilton House, London
2BATOD webmasterNew website manager induction meetingvia Skype
22DCAMHSOpen DayMaidstone, Kent
16DESFRegular meetingAoHL
14SEND ForumRegular meetingThe Engine Rooms, London
13Communication TrustRegular meetingThe Lift, Islington
13CRIDERegular meetingChandler House, London
9NatSIPReference GroupLondon
7ManeyRegular meetingCarlton House Terrace, London
17NatSIPMeeting to discuss acoustics consultationNDCS, London
16NatSIPHOSS conference planning meetingNDCS, Birmingham
12FEAPDACommittee meetingLuxembourg
8OfqualExternal Advisory Group on EqualityOfqual, Coventry
27CRIDERegular meetingFrank Barnes School for Deaf Children, Jubilee Waterside Centre, 105 Camley St, London N1C 4PF
26SEND ForumRegular meeting involving DfEEngine Rooms, London
25Communication TrustRegular meetingThe Lift, London
19 - 20FEAPDAInternational Deaf Learners’ ConferenceEye Film, Museum, Amsterdam
13BSL CoalitionMeetingFrank Barnes School. London
11NatSIPWorkstream 4 planning meetingBritish Library, London
27DfE and NCTLMQ meetingManchester
17iCARE ProjectKick-off meetingUniveristy of Leuven, Belgium
14NatSIPReference GroupLondon
13Muir GrayPlans for a National Hearing ServiceLondon
12SEND ForumRegular meetingLondon
4FEAPDA/LeonardoPress conferenceLuxembourg
4Communication TrustRegular meetingNCVO, London
31DESFRegular meetingAoHL, London
30OfqualAccess Consultation ForumCoventry
27JCQMeeting with JCQ and Awarding BodiesLondon
25ManeyRegular meeting with Journal publisherLondon
22DfE and NCTLMQ meetingManchester and Skype
16NatSIPReference GroupSENSE, London
16CRIDERegular meetingChandler House, London
15NDCSRegular meetingNDCS, London
9University of BirminghamConsultative committee meetingBirmingham
7OfqualE-assessment seminarCoventry
December 2013
17NASSMonitoring progression meetingShelter, London
16BATOD South WestMeeting with BATOD colleagues from SW regionWilland, Devon
13BATOD FoundationMeeting about future developmentSkype call
9DfEMQ meetingDfE, London
6NatSIPProject GroupHamilton House, London
27SEND ForumRegular meeting involving DfEEngine Rooms, London
23Ovingdean Hall FoundationMeeting about bursaries for training ToDs with Steering GroupSkype call
15BATOD FoundationMeeting about future developmentSkype call
11FEAPDAMeeting with education minister in LuxembourgLuxembourg
8CRIDERegular meetingChandler House, London
7Council for Disabled ChildrenCode of Practice consultationMethodist CH, London
22Communication TrustRegular meetingNCVO, London
18OfqualEqualities Advisory GroupCoventry
10CRIDERegular meetingChandler House, London
7OfqualAccess Consultation ForumCoventry
1NatSIPBSL seminarFrank Barnes School. London
26 - 29FEAPDABiennial congressKoper, Slovenia
25SEND ForumRegular meetingEngine Rooms, London
23DESFRegular meetingAoHL, London
22Communication TrustRegular meetingNCVO, London
19STRBOral evidence sessionVictoria House, London
13NDCSBilateral meetingRNIB. London
13NatSIPReference and Project GroupsRNIB. London
10Communication TrustRegular meetingNCVO, London
6nasenSEN portal meetingFriends' MH, London
12AVUKContact meetingParker Tower, London
9Ovingdean Hall FoundationGrant application discussionBernard Street, London
1NatSIPCurriculum work stream meetingLeeds
25ManeyJournal meetingLondon
23Communication TrustRegular meetingNCVO, London
23FEAPDALeonardo next stepsLuxembourg
10NatSIPProject BoardSENSE, London
9BSL CoalitionNatSIP contract workstreamFrank Barnes School. London
18NatSIPHOSS conferenceBirmingham
11FLSESEND forumLondon
11OfqualGCSE reforms consultationLondon
11Communication TrustRegular meetingNCVO, London
10OfqualAccess Consultation ForumCoventry
4NatSIPWorking DayHamilton House, London
30OfqualConsultation on S&LCoventry
22FLSESEND conferenceThe George Inn, London
29DESFRegular meetingAHL, London
26NatSIPRegular meetingSENSE, London
23Communication TrustRegular meetingNCVO, London
12 - 14FEAPDACommittee and council meetingMaison des soeurs, Luxembourg
27NatSIPHOSS conference planning meetingNDCS. Birmingham
25NatSIPBid-related meetingSENSE, London
20FLSESEND conferenceThe George Inn, London
19Communication TrustRegular meetingNCVO, London
18AAQAGRegular meetingCardiff
1CRIDERegular meetingChandler House, London
27OfqualExternal Advisory GroupCoventry
26ToDs and heads from Essex resource basesContact meetingGreat Baddow High School, Chelmsford

Organisations included in this calendar:

Abbreviation Organisation
ADPSAchievements of Deaf Pupils in Scotland
BAABritish Academy of Audiology
BAAPBritish Association of Audiological Physicians
BACDABritish Association of Community Doctors in Audiology
BAEABritish Association of Educational Audiologists
BAOBritish Assoc of Otolaryngologists - Head & Neck Surgeons
BATODBritish Association of Teachers of the Deaf
BCIGBritish Cochlear Implant Group
BDABritish Deaf Association
BETTBritish Educational Technology for Teachers
BSABritish Society of Audiology
BSHAABritish Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists
BectaBritish Educational Communication technology Agency
CACDPCouncil for the Advancement of Communication with Deaf People
DCCAPDeaf Children's Communication Aids Provision
DELTADeaf Education through Listening and Talking
FEAPDAFédération Européenne des Associations de Professeurs de Déficients Auditifs (The European Federation of Associations of Teachers of the Deaf)
GTCGeneral Teaching Council
HOSSHISEHeads of Schools & Services for Hearing-Impaired Children in the South-East
ICEDInternational Congress on the Education of the Deaf
LGALocal Government Association
LSCLearning Skills Council
LSDALearning Skills Development Agency
MCITManchester Cochlear Implant Team
NASENNational Association for Special Educational Needs
NATEDNational Association for Tertiary Education with Deaf people
NCPAThe National Committee for Professionals in Audiology
NDCSNational Deaf Children's Society
QCAQualifications and Curriculum Authority
RCSLTRoyal College of Speech and Language Therapists
RNIDRoyal National Institute for Deaf People
SASLIScottish Association of Sign Language Interpreters
SEAGSouth Educational Audiologist Group
SENJITSpecial Educational Needs Joint Initiative for Training
SENSENational Deafblind and Rubella Association
SENSSASEN Support Services Association SERSEN South East Region Special Educational Needs Partnership
SIGNThe National Society for Mental Health and Deafness
SOECICSouth of England Cochlear Implant Centre
THRASSTeaching Handwriting Reading And Spelling Skills
VIEWProfessional Association of Teachers of Visually Impaired Children and Young People