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APD briefingBATOD, BSA and NatSIP have collaborated to produce a briefing paper about Auditory Processing Disorder
Audiology22 May
Special BCHI editionAn abridged version of the January 2015 magazine containing articles on the theme of bone conducting hearing implants
Audiology03 May
Consonantal Speech Banana and Dotty Audiogram formsIn the November 2014 edition of the BATOD Magazine in an article entitled Dodgy Speech Banana Peter Keen describes his new consonantal Speech Banana and Dotty Audiogram forms. They can be downloaded from here.
Audiology14 Jun
AcousticsAcoustic conditions in schools are vital to a good listening and learning environment. This folder contains advice and information about Acoustics and current legislation.
Audiology23 Nov
Audiometric descriptorsBSA audiometric descriptors and an audiogram format sheet.
Audiology22 Jun
Policy Statement on Ear MouldsBATOD policy taking ear mould impressions (Teachers of the Deaf)
Policies28 Jun
Audiology RefreshersResources to provide quick access to refresh basic Audiological knowledge and practice.
Audiology12 May
Audiology ToolsWorkshop D at 'Achieving potential through technology' March 2013, presented by David Canning and Stuart Whyte considered using ipads to make sound measurements.
Audiology14 Jun
fm systemsInformation about setting up fm.
Audiology12 Dec
Audiology Updates and AgoniesAudiology assistance provided by colleagues, experts, companies - and a chance to share your knowledge.
Audiology30 Jan
Focus on Cochlear ImplantsArticles focusing on Cochlear Implants and deaf education.
Audiology20 Jan
Soundfield SystemsResearch, information and articles about soundfield systems.
Audiology15 Jan