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Focus on Cochlear Implants

After early diagnosis - early implantation?Sue Archbold asks, "Now that we have early diagnosis of hearing loss in the UK and we know that those children implanted early do better - so we can just get on and do it can't we?"
Focus on Cochlear Implants15 Jan
British Cochlear Implant Group and information about Safety GuidelinesA reminder about the British Cochlear Implant Group (BCIG) which was formed in 1989 to bring together those working in the implant field, whatever their profession, to promote good practice.
Focus on Cochlear Implants24 Aug
Cochlear Implants InternationalInformation about the BCIG Journal
Focus on Cochlear Implants20 Jan
Cochlear Implants - a guide for familiesThe NDCS has produced a booklet for parents - ‘Cochlear Implants - a guide for families’. It has been written, with support from the Ear Foundation, to give families clear, balanced information about cochlear implants, at the point where they are making a decision to go ahead with the assessment.
Focus on Cochlear Implants19 Dec
ICToD guidelines 2014This document aims to provide guidance on how Cochlear Implant Centre Teachers of the Deaf (ICToDs) and local professionals should work together to ensure best outcomes for children receiving cochlear implant systems.
Focus on Cochlear Implants14 Jun
Review: Nottingham Early Assessment PackageCorinda Carnelley is so impressed with the Nottingham Early Assessment Package she gives it top marks in the review score panel!
Focus on Cochlear Implants15 Jan
Listening BoxesBarb Hay SOECIC explains how SOECIC find listening boxes a useful way to provide parents with structured activities to assist the development of listening skills.
Focus on Cochlear Implants19 Dec
Cochlear Implant ArchiveArticles relating to cochlear implants which may be of interest historically.
Focus on Cochlear Implants19 Dec