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The National Committee for Professionals in Audiology (NCPA)

What is NCPA?

The NCPA is a committee comprising 15 major organisations with a significant interest in Audiology.

The position statement of the NCPA states that 'Full Membership is open to organisations who are able to demonstrate that their members undertake a significant training in Audiology at initial or post-qualification level.' This statement thus includes BATOD as a represented group.

Who is represented?

There are fifteen member groups. Ten of the fifteen groups have full membership and five sit on the committee as 'observers'. The NCPA represents the following organisations.

Full members:

  • British Association of Audiological Physicians
  • British Association of Audiological Scientists
  • British Association of Audiology Technicians
  • British Association of Educational Audiologists
  • British Association of Otolaryngologists - Head and Neck Surgeons
  • British Association of Teachers of the Deaf
  • British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists
  • British Society of Hearing Therapists
  • Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

Observers on the Committee:

  • British Society of Audiology
  • Department of Health
  • National Deaf Children's Society (child perspective)
  • UNHS Supplies
  • Royal National Institute for Deaf People/UKCoD (adult perspective)

What is the purpose of the NCPA?

The purpose of the NCPA is to:
  • provide a forum for the debate of professional issues of an audiological nature.
  • provide a forum for the sharing of information relating to the activities of the constituent organisations
  • develop the reputation of the NCPA as an organisation able to act as a unified voice for all professionals in Audiology
  • provide reports and give recommendations on audiological matters
  • act as a channel of access between the professional associations and the relevant government departments

When are meetings held and what is the format?

Meetings of NCPA are quarterly and usually include discussions relating to major audiological issues of the day.

Recently topics have included Universal Newborn Hearing Screening, Modernisation of NHS Hearing Aid Services (MHAS) and Dispensing of hearing aids. Meetings continue with a 'round-the-table' briefing from each represented group.

How can we receive feedback from these meetings?

Your NCPA representative, David Hartley, is currently President of BATOD and thus sits on BATOD's National Executive Council (NEC). He reports back relevant information to BATOD".

NEC members receive a summary of previous meetings. Pertinent reports are posted to the Audiology section of this website and if appropriate in the Magazine.

There are documents on the website from recent meetings relating to MHAS, Digital hearing aids and a précis of Prof John Bamford's summary of MHAS at the last meeting of the NCPA.

How can you contact us?

Any further information or comments relating to NCPA by Members are welcome and should be directed to Russell P Brett via the Secretary Paul Simpson.

In April 2006 the NCPA was superseded by the UK Federation of Professionals in Hearing and Balance

Be assured that BATOD has a voice!

Published in BATOD Magazine November/December 2001