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Audiology Refreshers

Contents and links to Audiology RefreshersThe contents list provides quick access to refresh basic Audiological knowledge and practice.
Audiology Refreshers12 May
Audiology Refreshers documentThis is the complete set of audiology refreshers as a single document. Individual pages may be downloaded from other links.
Audiology Refreshers23 Jul
General informationIndividual pdf files for: Explanation of audiological terms and procedures; G2Audiometric descriptors for pure-tone audiograms; G3 Decibel Scales in Audiology; G4 Glue Ear and Otitis Media; G5 Surrey Suite Part 1 and Part 2 G6 Access from the audiological perspective
Audiology Refreshers15 Jan
CheckingIndividual pdf files for: Checking behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids; C2 Re-tubing and cleaning earmoulds; C3 Checking Cochlear Implants; C4 Checking body worn hearing aids (analogue); C5Checking digital hearing aids
Audiology Refreshers15 Jan
Acoustics and SoundfieldIndividual pdf files for: A1 Classroom Acoustics - recommended standards DfES; A2 Classroom Acoustics - the DfES' recommendations: A3 Sound treatment for classrooms; A4 Soundfield Systems; A5 Portable Soundfield amplification systems
Audiology Refreshers15 Jan
TestingIndividual pdf files for: T1 Neonatal screening for hearing loss; T2 Electric Response Audiometry [ERA]; T3 The Distraction test; T4The Co-operative test; T5 The four-toy eye-pointing test; T6 The Performance test; T7Speech discrimination for the under-fives; T8 Pure tone audiometry (Air conduction); T9 Pure tone audiometry (Unmasked bone conduction); T10 Masking in pure tone audiometry; T11 Visual reinforcement audiometry; T12 Speech Recognition T13 Testing BAHA two pairs of hands and a bite bar; T14 Guidelines for Hearing Assessment of Children with Complex Needs
Audiology Refreshers15 Jan
Equipment - in generalIndividual pdf files for: Aiding the under-one year old; E2 The use of stetoclips) E3 Boom microphones (updated 2015); E4 Rechargeable Batteries; E5 BAHA what is it? and Living with my BAHA
Audiology Refreshers06 Dec