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Audiology Refreshers

This web publication of the BATOD Audiology Refreshers is produced with the support of Oticon

Items published by BATOD in the Association Magazine over several years.


Teachers of the Deaf have many issues to deal with in their jobs. The mandatory qualification training for Teachers of the Deaf includes basic audiology. Detail may be forgotten when the knowledge has not been used for some time in daily practice.

This series of articles has been written to give Teachers of the Deaf, students and other professionals working with deaf children quick access to refresh their memory of basic audiological knowledge and practices. It is not intended that these refreshers replace basic training and further information may be gleaned from books on the specific audiological subject.

The Refreshers were originally published over several years in issues of the BATOD Magazine. In this copy some of the details have been updated but otherwise the sheets remain as they were originally although the layout may have changed.

Some relevant articles have appeared in the Magazines which extend and enhance the information in the Refresher series and they have also been included where relevant. It is our intention that updates and new ‘Refreshers’ will be added to this collection as appropriate.

The Audiology Refresher series was originally conceived by Margaret Glasgow who wrote many of the pages.  In addition, there have been many colleagues who have contributed pages and articles.  We are grateful for their contributions and those who have assisted in the production of this publication especially Rosi Hearnshaw for her technical expertise in redrawing and reorganising the pages, Corinda Carnelley and Liz Reed-Beadle for proofing.  Most importantly BATOD thanks Oticon for their sponsorship of these Audiology Refreshers which are freely available on the BATOD website.

Ann Underwood, BATOD President 2008-2010

Note from National Executive Officer:

Although these refreshers were written some time ago they are still relevant. However, if you feel any amendments or further updates are needed, please let us know by writing to

Paul Simpson, May 2016

Audiology Refreshers - Content list

RefresherTitleAuthorfirst published
General information
G1 Explanation of audiological terms and procedures Margaret Glasgow
G2 Audiometric descriptors for pure-tone audiograms Sue Westhorp March 01 p43
G3 Decibel Scales in Audiology Nov 00 page 11-12
G4 Glue Ear and Otitis Media Margaret Glasgow Jan 01 p 33-34
G5 The Surrey Suite - parts 1 and 2 Margaret Glasgow Part 1 Jan 2001 20-21
Nov 2001 14-15
G6 Access from the audiological perspective Joseph O’Donnell June 03 p15-16
Acoustics and Sound Field
A1 Classroom Acoustics - recommended standards DfES Margaret Glasgow Jan 01 p13
A2 Classroom Acoustics - the DfES' recommendations Russell Brett Feb 02 23-24
A3 Sound treatment for classrooms Pauline Hughes Jan 06 34-35
A4 Soundfield Systems Jeremy Hine Dec 02 10-11
A5 Portable Soundfield amplification systems Russell Brett Sept 03 14-17
Equipment - in general
E1 Aiding the under-one year old Margaret Glasgow May 01 p27-28
E2 The use of stetoclips Richard Vaughan Sept 01 p36
E3 Boom microphones Peter Keen
E4 Rechargeable BatteriesPeter Keen
E5 BAHA - what is it?
Living with my BAHA
Sheena Hartland
Mary Fortune
May 98 p14-15
May 08 p43
T1 Neonatal screening for hearing loss Margaret Glasgow Nov 98 p26
T2 Electric Response Audiometry [ERA] Margaret Glasgow Nov 98 p27
T3 Distraction test Margaret Glasgow Jan 99 p28
T4 Co-operative test Margaret Glasgow March 99 17-18
T5 The four-toy eye-pointing test Margaret Glasgow March 99 p19
T6 Performance test Margaret Glasgow May 99 39-40
T7 Speech discrimination for the under-fives Margaret Glasgow May 99 41-42
T8 Pure tone audiometry (Air conduction)
inc for the under-fives or children with additional difficulties
Margaret Glasgow Sept 99 37-38
T9 Pure tone audiometry (Unmasked Bone Conduction) Sue Westhorp Nov 99 39-40
T10 Masking in pure tone audiometry Sue Westhorp Jan 00 35-40
T11 Visual reinforcement audiometry Margaret Glasgow March 00 21-22
T12 Speech Recognition Tests
testing - complex needs
Sue Westhorp Sep 00 25-26
T13 Testing BAHA - two pairs of hands and a bite bar Ken Higgins Jan 2001 44-45
T14 Guidelines for Hearing Assessment of Children with Complex Needs Margaret Glasgow 1997
C1 Checking behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids Margaret Glasgow Sept 01 31-32
C2 Re-tubing and cleaning earmoulds Margaret Glasgow Sept 01 33-34
C3 Checking Cochlear Implants Elizabeth Wood and Sarie Cross Nov 01 p31
C4 Checking body worn hearing aids (analogue) Margaret Glasgow Feb 02 29-30
C5 Checking digital hearing aids Helen Maiden April02 31-32