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Cross Committee Working Group to consider training for Teachers of the Deaf

The working group

The working group which met in London on 9 March 2008 during the NEC is made up of: Ann Underwood, Gary Anderson, David Couch, Andrea Baker, Liz Reed Beadle, Trish Cope, Mary Ensor. Other people who expressed an interest but who were not present are: Alison Weaver, Mary Fortune, Mary Kean, Carol Thomson.

Some thoughts prior to the meeting.

Mandatory training for Teachers of the Deaf is provided by a number of agencies (mainly universities) who structure the content of their course with reference to the competencies specified in the TDA 'competencies for Teachers of the eaf'. These competencies guide course content and represent the fundamental requirements of a ToD. The ToD mandatory course represents the basics in terms of skills required to carry out the role. Additional to this, is the range of training offered by a wide range of agencies (uni, LA, Ear Foundation etc. etc.) which represents CPD.

There is the perceived need to 'organise' the training that is already offered so it is more accessible to ToDs. One of the ways to do this would be to place the training details on the BATOD website - which is the intention of this working group (I believe). There is also the need to provide new training opportunities to meet the changing needs of ToDs. For example,  parent guidance, visiting teaching, APD, HI and Autism, Hyperacusis etc. This list would be extensive and would be difficult to predict in terms of both topic and need.  

Meeting the requirements of the TDA competencies document is met through the training offered at initial ToD mandatory training. This is not an area we need attend to. There may be ToDs who trained many years ago who need to undertake some training to address gaps in the competencies.

The range of training already offered as CPD across the country could be listed on the BATOD website and increase participation. We need to bring to the meeting any details of training courses already in operation, so that we may organise them in this way. These could be listed either as topics (ie all the courses on APD grouped together) or as training providers (ie providers listed with the courses they offer). The TDA competencies are available in this folder on the website.   

There is the more difficult issue of contracting or developing training in areas which are not currently served. This would demand some thought as to what we feel ToDs need in terms of the changing landscape of deaf education. An example might be Hyperacusis. I don't know of a training course on hyperacusis and I could do with one right now. In this case, if it not currently available, we might want to recruit a group which could deliver this training and place it on the list on the BATOD website. Development of this kind is difficult because we might not know the level of need - the number of people who would attend such a course. We would need to tackle this in some way; for example, a  survey of training needs could be carried out  - and then look at how this could be met and delivered. This would be a new and exciting area; offering training which is responsive to current need.  

David Couch 24/04/08


Terms of Reference

  1. to audit current training providers across the Regions & Nations

  2. to consider Teacher of the Deaf needs within the TDA Competencies

  3. to consider different Models of Provision available for CPD opportunities

  4. to consider the opportunities for Confederation of Services and Schools for the Deaf

  5. to determine BATOD’s role in promoting and developing on-going CPD opportunities for Teachers of the Deaf, including financial implications

  6. to produce a timeline of actions with outcomes

Notes from Cross-committee working group to consider training for Teachers of the Deaf, Friday 13 June 2008 19.00-20.30, Ibis Hotel Birmingham

David Couch (Chair today) Ann Underwood, Gary Anderson, Alison Weaver, Trish Cope, Karen Taylor, Wanda Garner
Liz Reed Beadle, Andrea Baker, Mary Fortune

Terms of reference

Audit of current courses – Trish Cope has collected a list including details of Provider, Location(s), Topics covered, Dates/Timings, Accredited/Non-accredited, Cost This list was discussed and expanded slightly.
  • Courses tend to be audiologically based
  • Considered inclusion of TA courses in the list (as relevant to ToDs who need to provide courses and materials?)
  • Request ToDs to let us know of courses – especially accredited courses) to further expand the list – request via Magazine/website/regions

TDA competencies

Agreed to seek ToD views on personal needs in relation to competencies via questionnaire. Questionnaire distributed via regional approaches plus
  • Email ToD and HOSS list
  • Insert into Magazine in September
  • Personal mailing/email and follow up with phone call if necessary
  • Regional HOSS meetings



BATOD promotes excellence in deaf education through collaborative work to develop a highly skilled workforce addressing the training needs of ToDs in a changing landscape.

We would like your views on your training needs in the following areas of teacher competencies.

  • Need to identify key groups of competencies (Ann and Karen ASAP)
  • Website links to competencies documents
  • Design questionnaire
  • Include request for details of course info on back of sheet.
  • Return point: to be agreed

Towards a collaborative partnership – BATOD’s role

  • Need to be aware of small services/provisions of just 1 or 2 staff and encourage natural regional clusters or confederations
  • Use specialist schools as centres
  • Share information on website – not necessarily on the calendar – showing types of training and providers
  • Types of training = online, bespoke, regional oportuntties, conferences and multi-agency


end of term Questionnaire preparation and production
September Roll out
End Nov collection
Dec NEC Report
Dec NEC further action planning

The questionnaire was designed and tested. The outcomes were rep[orted and discussed at the last NEC meeting (27 September 2008) and as a result the options were changed to cover more sepcific areas:audiology; Language; communication and interaction; Literacy, Mathematics and ICT.

The questionnaire will be distributed to BATOD members via the November 2008 Magazine mailing and will be available as open access on the website. It is also available from this page. The return date will be December 2008.

Download Training needs questionnaire to complete (29kb)