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Personal CPD Log

Professional registration involves a commitment to maintain competence and expertise through continuing education and for the individual to be involved in a personal programme of continuing professional development. This personal log is designed so that Teachers of the Deaf can have a standard and straightforward way to record activities which contribute to this programme. It would be very helpful to BATOD to carry out periodic audits of members' logs, so that evidence can be presented to DfEE/Government of the professional commitment and dedication of Teachers of the Deaf.

Definition of terms

Professional development refers to a process whereby individuals, within a framework of identified goals, seek to increase their level of knowledge, refine or learn new skills, and apply these in the workplace. It should allow them to demonstrate competence, to offer a greater level of expertise and to develop new roles within their place(s) of work. The need for continuing professional development is now firmly established for all professional groups.

Contents of the Log

BATOD believes that the log should enable Teachers of the Deaf to demonstrate the wide range of activities which they undertake by including many of them in the log. Teachers of the Deaf will wish to look beyond the narrow definition of continuing professional development as formal courses, to avoid overlooking other significant learning opportunities and to undertake a balanced range of activities. However, it is important that individuals generally record only those activities that have a defined learning outcome, ie a log containing little more than list of school/ service/ departmental meetings would not be considered as reaching appropriate CPD standards.

To be useful and relevant to members, whatever their work setting, the log needs to be simple yet contain all relevant information. Completing a log provides an opportunity to reflect on the learning outcomes of activities undertaken during the year. Space is given on the form to summarise the main outcome (eg `gained knowledge of a range of techniques'; `awareness of political or social issues'; `deeper understanding of the effects of deafness on social interaction').

As well as a brief description of the type of activity undertaken, the form asks you to record the topic, main learning outcome and the relevant number of hours/days etc, which ever is the more appropriate. Please specify the total number of hours/days for each activity listed and indicate whether you are recording hours or days etc.

Certificates of attendance or short notes summarising key point/learning outcomes

Certificates of attendance for study days and short courses should be filed for your own records, preferably with an outline of the programme. For continuing education activities such as literature review and discussion, self-directed study or observational visits, a short outline of materials/objectives/programme should be given as well as a short summary of your learning outcomes. This should take no more than one side of A4.

Annual Appraisal/Performance Management

As outlined above CPD encompasses a framework of identified goals. It is recognised that many ToDs already have an annual appraisal review which incorporates goal setting and the identification of continuing development needs. They may also be involved in Performance Management (PM). BATOD members may therefore wish to file with their log a copy of the appropriate sections of their appraisal/PM summary as it occurs during the year.

Types of CPD activity

Membership of, and active participation in, another organisation relevant to the member's own field of interest, for example: British Association of Educational Audiologists, NATED, DELTA, LASER, NDCS, NASEN
  • Courses, study days, conferences, seminars
  • Studying for a relevant higher degree or other qualification
  • Participation in a BATOD regional group
  • Coaching, tutoring or teaching
  • Membership of a BATOD Special Interest group
  • Membership of a BATOD committee
  • Mentoring activities (please describe)
  • Supervision of a student undertaking ToD training
  • Supervision and training of Learning Support Assistants (LSA)
  • Books/articles read
  • Review of article/book plus written circulation to peers
  • Review of article/book plus presentation
  • Research activities
  • Observational visit plus written summary of learning outcome and application to working practice
  • Articles written/submitted to publications
  • Presentation of a specific aspect of practice to peers
  • Presentation of research/small study to peers
  • Self-directed study: this requires the setting of learning objectives as well as short term goals for specific activities with a brief summary for each recorded activity on learning outcomes.

Access to courses

At a time when demands on Teachers of the Deaf are changing and there are rapid developments in technology, knowledge and skills need to be up-dated continually. BATOD arranges occasional one-day courses at venues across the UK. Teachers of the Deaf, associated professionals and classroom assistants (LSA and CSW) are welcome to attend these courses. All courses will be certificated so that details of the course may be added to your CPD log.

Please apply as soon as possible for such courses. Other organisations eg The Ear Foundation, Universities and Suppliers are also offering courses which may be of interest to ToDs.

Future issues of the Magazine and the calendar will keep members up-to-date with planning.