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Your candidates need you!

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The majority of Awarding Bodies (ABs) are now moving towards greater modification at source so that examination papers are accessible to all candidates who have difficulty accessing and processing written language.

BATOD has always promoted the advantages of modification at source, so why this appeal?

We have become a victim of our own success. As co-ordinator of language modification of exams I am finding it difficult to fulfil the demands of the Awarding Bodies in finding people from the BATOD/NATED list of accredited modifiers. In the current educational climate each Awarding Body produces hundreds of papers across a range of levels of exams, from Entry Level and GCSE to A Levels and vocational exams for post 16 students. As teachers we demand greater access for all candidates. Therefore there is a greater need for accredited modifiers.

There are two main approaches to modification at source. Some Awarding Bodies need modifiers to attend meetings that could take place during working hours. Money is provided to pay for cover but I am aware that some teachers may be working in situations from which they cannot be released. In other cases modifiers are asked to review papers at home and write a report which will add to the discussion at a meeting with the examiners. Obviously attendance at the meeting is the best method so that all aspects can be properly discussed.

In addition we are still asked to review some papers after the meetings. This is referred to as secondary modification. The hope of both teachers and Awarding Bodies is that this will become unnecessary as the majority of papers are modified at source.

And this is where you come in!

If you have been trained as a modifier and are already (or have been in the past) on the ‘BATOD/NATED list’ please contact me to offer your services for this important work. If you are interested in becoming an accredited modifier please contact me to request guidance materials, which set out the principles all modifiers should try to apply. You will be expected to undertake an assessment item, which gives you the opportunity to demonstrate how successfully you can apply the principles. Please consider putting yourself forward as your candidates need your involvement in this valuable work.

Contact details: Maureen Jefferson, BATOD co-ordinator for language modification of examinations.

September 2012