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ICT Newspages from the BATOD Magazine

A collection of ICT Newspages written by Sharon Pointeer for publication in the BATOD Magazine organised into annual booklets. The articles include references to websites, electronic activities, hardware and software which can provide help to ToDs.

ICT Newspages published in BATOD 2011 Magazines
  • November: going outdoors
  • September: e-safety and web-stalking
  • May: donating to charities
  • March: BETT magnification, video learning
  • January: ICT resolutions for 2011
ICT Newspages published in BATOD 2010 Magazines
  • November: photography
  • September: practising Maths
  • May: cutting machines
  • March: weather
  • January: value-adding ICT
ICT Newspages published in BATOD 2009 Magazines
  • November: data loss and recovery
  • September: audiology websites
  • May: bargain educational resources on ebay
  • March: Browsing BETT
  • January: websites and resources for Early Years
ICT Newspages published in BATOD 2008 Magazines
  • November: ICT on the move
  • September: resources and websites
  • May: no Newspage published
  • March: Virtual BETT
  • January: iPhone? Smartphone?
ICT Newspages published in BATOD 2007 Magazines
  • November: making text accessible
  • September: social networking
  • May: IT/electronic pets
  • March: Visit to BETT IT roundup
  • January: replacing your TV system?
ICT Newspages published in BATOD 2006 Magazines
  • November: what IT has done for us
  • September: self review framework for IT
  • May: keeping up to date with IT
  • March: visiting BETT
  • January: NESTA, resource and websites
ICT Newspages published in BATOD 2005 Magazines
  • November: resources and websites
  • September: cookies and spys
  • May: camera phones
  • March: NAACE award at BETT
  • January: sitting comfortably, on line testing