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Literacy resources

Language and literacy resourcesMaterials that have been submitted by practising ToDs to share with colleagues. The resources may be adapted to individual use.
Literacy resources28 Dec
KS2 English grammar, punctuation and spellingA link to the Dec 2012 KS2 English grammar, punctuation and spelling samples from the DfE
Literacy resources15 Oct
Teaching reading skills to a profoundly deaf childThe ToD email list responses sparked by a question about teaching reading skills.
Literacy resources09 Jan
Game: Semantic stepsFrom the Bird Art catalogue - complex semantic theories are clearly explained and developed into effective therapy using photocopiable card sets and games.
Literacy resources15 Jan

01 Jan
Flippin' phonicsTrish Cope, Education Consultant: The Ewing Foundation, examines the recommendations of the Rose Review, the skills needed to teach phonics and applies them to the teaching of deaf children. An article to have by you for reference, advice and suggestions.
Literacy resources15 Jan
Talking semantics - COLDFrom the Bird Art catalogue - composite picture with related extension activities, wordlists and record sheets.
Literacy resources15 Jan
Reversible verbsFrom the Bird Art catalogue - example verb is eat have fun with girl-eating fish!
Literacy resources15 Jan
Writing framesWriting frames are a fantastic way of overcoming the fear of a blank piece of paper and helping students to have a go at what, for many, are the more challenging writing genres.
Literacy resources15 Jan