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Advertising timeline

Planning to advertise in the BATOD Magazine?

Please remember that the BATOD Magazine is published on a voluntary basis and we try to honour all our deadlines. Circumstances may delay the appearance of the Magazine but this is unusual.

The Magazine is published in January, March, May, September, November and is mailed to all BATOD members and subscribers by Orbital Mailing of Ashford in Kent. Subject to Royal Mail delivery at printed paper/second class rates the Magazine is usually with the recipients in the early days of the month.

If you want to advertise an event in the Magazine itself then you need to submit the information by the copy deadlines: 20th of January, March, June, September and November for the following issue. Job adverts no longer appear in the Magazine.

If you decide to put an insert in the Magazine then you need to book this as soon as possible with the Advertising Manager. You will be given instructions about submitting the material for the insert. Job adverts are often time constrained and although maybe printed as an insert on A4 and copied for you usually these are successfully placed on the BATOD website Situations Vacant page.

Run out of time...? then consider using the website - job adverts are put up regularly and remain until your cut-off date.

Courses can be advertised and your registration form added to the page as a download attached to the Calendar or else a direct link to the relevant page of your website. This can save you money and is helpful to late enquirers.

Planning a course and advertising

If you are planning a course or event then you should remember the following timeline so that you have plenty of time to get things done. You will probably need almost six months as there are school holidays to work around.

planning example one example two
work back from the agreed date meeting in November - month 11meeting in June - month 6
all responses must be with you a month in advance (gives you time to change your plans!)people need at least one month to get permission, sort out the finances etc... allow six weeks if there is a holiday and return the form to you month 11 - 1.5 months ie Septembermonth 6 - 1.5 ie April
decide which Magazine you will need to advertise in... September would be the latest Magazine.... and may be cutting things very fine but not impossible. You would be safer to plan for the May/June Magazine. Nearest suitable Magazine would be March
the information for the advert needs to be with the advertising manager six weeks before the Magazine is due to appear plan for June plan for January
you probably need a couple of weeks to sort your advert and agree details such as who the forms will be returned to May Early January or before Christmas!

After many years of planning and advertising events and waiting for responses, we hope this information is useful to you when you are considering advertising your events in the Magazine. The timeline is also a useful guide to the time taken to get responses from possible delegates.

If you have any questions or still want to try and squeeze an insert into the Magazine then please ring or email and ask... the answer may not be 'no' or 'it's too late' - we may be able to help you.

Please contact Elizabeth Reed-Beadle, the Advertising Manager for further details:

142, New Road
Hethersett, Norfolk NR9 3HG
tel: 01603 812111 answerphone