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Advertising rates in 2018

circulation 1350: readership estimate 5400 Teachers of the Deaf and associated professionals, teachers in mainstream and special education, SENCOs and teaching assistants

The BATOD Magazine is published in January, March, May, September and November

Magazine advertising

Electronic copy should be supplied wherever possible (eg: high quality pdf, tiff, eps or jpeg [at least 300dpi] - not embedded in Word documents for the Magazine).

Confirmation of space requirements should be in writing/email as far in advance as possible and not later than copy deadlines for publication in the Magazine: 20th of January, March, May, September and November for the following issue. Please note our updated rates. There is now a 10% discount for payment within one month which is the figure in brackets below.

Adverts in the Magazine Format A4, Portrait
size width x height
Full Page£550 (£495) 210mm x 297mm plus full bleed
ie 216 x 313 including bleed
Half Page £275 (£247.50) 175 x 125 (landscape)
or 85 x 254 (portrait/column)
Quarter Page£137.50 (£123.75) 85mm x 125mm
smaller colour adverts£100 (£90) as agreed

Inserts for inclusion with the magazine

The inserts will usually be A4.

If the advertiser supplies the 1400 copies required they should be sent directly to the Magazine Distributor after a pdf of the insert has been seen and approved by the Advertising Manager and Magazine Editor (both can be contacted via The cost of inclusion in this case will be £230 (with discount £207). BATOD will then invoice the advertiser.

If the advertiser wishes the Distributor to copy the insert from a supplied pdf this will cost £200 plus the cost of copying. Again the insert should be sent in advance to the Advertising Manager and Magazine Editor for approval. The Distributor will then invoice BATOD for the cost of copying and BATOD will invoice the advertiser.

Web advertising

Web-adverts should be sent via email to the Advertising Manager.

If a Purchase Order Number is required to be on the invoice it must be supplied, or the Purchase Order attached at the time the advert is placed, including full details of where the invoice should be sent either by email or post.

Where there is no publication date we will endeavour to make the advert visible as soon as possible after the details have been received.

The advertisement will usually be uploaded within three working days.

The advert will remain visible until the deadline date for applications. We would expect the deadline to be within about six weeks. It is not possible for advertisements to remain on the website indefinitely.

Please supply a contact email for enquiries about the post.

Please note that advertisements for Teachers of the Deaf should stipulate that either a ToD with the mandatory qualification is sought and/or that any successful applicant would be expected to undergo training to gain the MQ.

Please ensure that the text of the advertisement is correct as amendments after publication may incur additional charges.

BATOD is not VAT registered.

If it is necessary to readvertise the post the charge is reduced to £150 provided that the advertisement is exactly the same as the previous one, the only difference being the closing and interview dates.

Email addresses and web-links will be active.

Job advertisements - situations vacant page

Entries to the website only £280 (entry from receipt to deadline date)

A 10% reduction will be applied if the account is settled within one month of the invoice date, bringing it to £252. Similarly the cost of a readvertisement will be £170 but £153 if paid within a month.

Please contact the Advertising Manager by email for information about inserts and deadlines.