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Back copies

How can I obtain back copies of the Association Magazine?

Each time a Magazine is printed an electronic copy is produced to provide an archive that is easy to handle and that will allow good quality copies to be made of articles for reference. These used to be available on a CD and included the very first primitive copies of the Magazines produced in 1999. The early Magazines do not have copies of many of the adverts and there may be some pictures missing. The disk is no longer available but articles going back to 1999 are available through this website.

A listing appears on the website of all the Magazine contents along with an abstract about the entry. Effectively this provides an index to the BATOD Magazines.

The listing can be found here on the BATOD website. The individual magazines are in folders from 1999 to 2016.

As a BATOD member you may download back copies of the Magazine - but please remember that BATOD holds the copyrght to the Magazine articles.

updated June 2016