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Audiology Refreshers documentThis is the complete set of audiology refreshers as a single document. Individual pages may be downloaded from other links.
Audiology Refreshers23 Jul

01 Jan
Training materials for language modificationThis document outlines, with examples, the grammatical features of written language likely to prove difficult for deaf learners to comprehend. The document should prove useful to QToDs for training mainstream staff, TAs, CSWs and others working with deaf learners. People wishing to further their skills in language modification can work through the exercises contained. Anyone wishing for feedback on resources they have modified for a deaf learner is invited to submit their work for feedback. the advice contained pertains only to texts being written/modified for teaching purposes. When modifying exam materials for a candidate to take without support, a BATOD accredited modifier will simplify structures more rigorously.
Publications for members15 Jan
BATOD Guide for Ofsted InspectorsDocumentation published in 1997 and 1998 to guide Ofsted Inspectors visiting provisions for deaf children. More recently this has been submitted to the Select committee looking into Ofsted with additional comments.
Publications for members15 Jan
Points for Inspectors to considerAdditional comments and guidance - part of the submission to the Select committee looking into Ofsted
Publications for members01 Jan