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Research study involving deaf children with Cochlear Implants

The aim of the research is to find out about the reading and spelling abilities of teenagers who are deaf. We are particularly interested in the effect that cochlear implants and hearing aids have had on reading and spelling. We are inviting children and young people who are aged between 12 and 16, with C.I who have a severe/profound hearing loss.

If they are still some teachers who think that they have some students in their class falling into the criteria mentioned below please contact me. It is really important that we have enough children with Cochlear implants in our sample - especially those implanted earlier (before 42 months) - so we can come to safe conclusions about their reading strategies.

An appointment will be made to see children at school. We will give children a reading, spelling test and a test of general ability which involves constructing some patterns out of bricks. We will also use a lexical decision task ( a series of words and non-words are presented on a computer screen and children have to decide which is a word and which is not). We have already recruited 70 children but we need 50 more children with CI.

The research is funded by a grant from the Economic and Social Research Council to Professor Margaret Harris. The children and young people taking part in the study will be working with Maria Terlektsi. The research has been approved by the University Research ethics Committee, Oxford Brookes University. You can find out more about the research being carried our int the psychology department at Oxford Brookes at

Should you have any deaf students between 12 and 16 years and you would like your school to take part in this research, please don't hesitate to contact me so so I can send you an information pack for the parents and further information on the project. Children taking part in the research will receive a very nice treat and you can have all the results from your students' assessments.

I am taking this opportunity to thank all the teachers who have replied to me so far and took part in the study.

Maria-Emmanouela Terlektsi

Researcher in Deaf children's literacy
Department of Psychology
Oxford Brookes University
Tel: 01865 483926