iLearning – Children with hearing loss and autism

The Ear Foundation
2nd July 2018 - 1st July 2019
12:00am - 12:00am

Listen to leaders in the field from the comfort for your desk

  • Team deaf or team autism? A parents perspective: Hetty Malcolm-Smith

Parent to a child with hearing loss and autism, Hetty Malcolm-Smith eloquently describes how it feels when you don’t fit a mould. She challenges professionals to develop services to meet her child’s needs.

  • Early identification in autism and deafness: Red flags from birth to 3: Dr Christine Yoshinago-Itano

With a framework to support differential diagnosis in the early years, Dr Christine Yoshinago-Itano makes the case for early diagnosis to support better outcomes.

  • Hearing technology on and working: how sensory integration strategies can help: Amy Stephens

Messages from all of our senses are received in the brain and acted upon, being under or over sensitive impacts our ability to attend. Amy Stephens SLT and Advanced practitioner in sensory integration gives some practical advice for getting hearing technology on and working.

For audiologists, educators, speech and language therapists and other professionals interested in the use of hearing technology for children with autism.

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