Closes 09.03.20

Job title: Specialist Teacher of the Deaf
Reports to: Gavin Spicer – Principal/ Philip McBride – Head Teacher/ School Board of Directors / School Governors
Type of position: Part time – one morning per week
Hours of work: (3 hours per week)
Grade: Qualified TOD – Level 2 BSL

Job purpose: Specialist Teacher of the Deaf.

High Grange School is looking to appoint a teacher of the deaf to help support a key stage 3 learner for one morning – (3 hours) per week.
The successful applicant will have oversight and specialist responsibility for a designated hearing impaired young person within High Grange School

Key responsibilities

• Provide advice regarding the use of specialist equipment and its effective use in school and home settings.

• Advise school staff on the needs of the hearing impaired young person ensuring maximum curricular access.

• To work with the young person offering direct support

• Advise on the provision of suitably adapted materials to enhance the young person’s learning experience.

• To work closely with agencies / other professionals to plan support, monitor and adapt the curriculum and set appropriate targets

• To support the school with specialist assessments, including the provision of advice for statutory assessment, annual reviews and monitoring progress through IEP targets.

• To assist in ensuring the social and emotional needs of the HI young person are appropriately managed by supporting classroom based staff and the schools MDT team

• To promote and build capacity by delivering training for the school.

How to apply

All applicants should send their CV to Jennifer Lester (HR Department) to be shortlisted by the Principal, Gavin Spicer