The British Association of Teachers of the Deaf
Promoting Excellence in Deaf Education

The roles of the Secretary and Treasurer of the Regions and Nations

Role of the Secretary, Regional/National Committee

  • Liaise with Chair to organise committee meetings
  • Co-ordinate and distribute agenda for meetings
  • Minute committee meetings and distribute to participants; update action points before next meeting
  • Book speakers/session leaders for events
  • Liaise with committee members over progress of event planning, designated tasks etc.

Guidelines for Regional or National Treasurers

  • A nominated member of the Constituent Regional/National committee must be the Treasurer.
  • This Treasurer is responsible for the accounts of the Constituent Region/Nation.
  • The Constituent Region/Nation’s bank account should have at least two signatories although only one is needed to sign cheques.
  • The BATOD National Treasurer should be a signatory of each Constituent Regional or National account, only to be used in case of emergencies.
  • Annual accounts should be drawn up to the 31st July and examined. The examiner of the accounts need not be an accountant but must not be a family member or another member of the committee.
  • The financial year will be based on the national BATOD financial year: 1st August to 31st July.
  • The annual accounts should be sent to the BATOD Treasurer by 31 October each year having been approved by the Regional/National committee.
  • The Constituent Regional/National Treasurer should only pay expenses using cheques or online banking on receipt of receipts and should maintain a record of these.
  • No paperwork should be destroyed until five years have elapsed.
  • Expenses to committee members should be paid at the same rate as for NEC members (eg second class rail travel; 30p per mile).
  • It will be possible to top up the balance to £1500 should there be a shortfall after the accounts have been submitted to the BATOD National Treasurer. A request for the additional funds should be made to the BATOD Treasurer. The BATOD Treasurer will consider the request and notify the Region/Nation of the outcome.
  • Constituent Regional or National conferences should break even. The costs of interpreters may be reimbursed by central funds if necessary.
  • Regions/Nations can apply for an advance in exceptional circumstances e.g. to fund a conference by making a business case to the BATOD Treasurer. The additional funding will need to be paid back to the BATOD Treasurer after the event/conference.

Carol Thomson, BATOD Treasurer, June 2017