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About | 21.06.2021

A member has a concern about excessive paperwork requirements

About | 22.06.2021

BATOD members’ questions about improving acoustics and on speech discrimination

About | 01.06.2021

By when do trainee ToDs have to acquire the mandatory qualification?

About | 08.03.2021

Does BATOD have any information/documents about the SEND Code of Practice in relation to deaf children?

About | 16.03.2021

How do authorities support children with EHCPs when parents have decided to electively home educate?

About | 08.03.2021

Ratio of QToDs to pupils in resource provisions (updated)

About | 04.05.2022

The Lead QToD (Resource Provisions) Forum

About | 05.11.2020

What documentation is there related to the LA duty to fund Radio Aids?

About | 31.07.2020

BATOD’s response to the Education Select Committee enquiry

About | 22.06.2020

A member is concerned that ToDs in services ‘should have’ rather than ‘must have’ the MQ

About | 01.11.2017

DeafEducationUK Forum (formerly QToD forum)