2. Aetiology and types of deafness

Working group lead for this section: Emily Brooks

Key Contributors: Veronica Thorvardson, Karen Wright and Katy Clark

This section includes the different causes and types of deafness in children and young people (CYP).

For Qualified Teachers of Deaf Children and Young People (QToDs), it is important, if possible, to be aware of the cause of deafness. In many cases, the aetiology of deafness is not known, or the family may have declined aetiology investigations. But in all cases, it is imperative to look back at records and check with families if there is a known cause. The aetiology of deafness can influence how we work with a CYP and impact the advice that we may give.

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2.1. Describing deafness

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2.2. Causes of deafness

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2.3. A-Z list of causes of deafness