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Technology to support learning

Viv Ogg, Katherine Clements and Simon Thompson of Mary Hare School presented a workshop at the 2013 Conference demonstrating how modern technology can enrich the classroom experience.

The aim of this workshop was to share a range of technology used in school to support learning. This was done by looking at a typical school day at Mary Hare. We hoped that ToDs would be able to learn about new resources in order to support the deaf pupils they were working with and have a resource sheet to take away. The workshop would also allow for a discussion about the pros and cons of different technologies, including some practical time to get some hands on experience.

Technology to support Learning Presentation A pdf of the PowerPointPresentation (minus some photographs).
Resources List A list of resources with website links
Apps for iPad, iPod and iPhone A useful list of Apps with a short description, information about the Developer, cost and the technology required(iPad or iPhone) as at March 2013
Technology to support learning May Magazine article covering the workshop content from 2013 Conference