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Contribute to Conference 2020

Call for contributions to the BATOD National Conference

Would you like to contribute to the next BATOD Conference?

  • Deliver a short 15 minute presentation as part of a presentation session
  • Undertake a practical 30 minute workshop as part of a practice based session
  • Develop a poster to be displayed during the conference for you to discuss with colleagues

BATOD will cover the cost and make arrangements for printing up to 10 posters for BATOD Members

Presentation (maximum of 15 minutes) or

Poster presentation

Please submit a 250 word abstract that includes for:

  • Research: title, your research aims/questions, methodology, results and findings
  • Practice based activities: title, purpose and motivation for your practice, nature of activity, evaluation process and outcomes

Practical workshop (maximum of 30 minutes)

For a practical workshop pleased submit a 250 word abstract that includes:

  • Title, a brief synopsis of the content, description of the practical activities, the learning outcomes for participants

The final date for submissions is Monday 23rd December 17:00 2019.

The submissions will be considered by the conference committee and be informed of the outcome by Monday 20th January 2020.

If you have any questions or seek further information please contact us at  conferencecommittee@batod.org.uk

Abstracts for conference 2020