About | 16.01.2022 | By Teresa Quail

Guidance for QToDs about PTA

A member asked where QToDs can find guidance about conducting PTA outside the clinic environment.

The Consultant replies:

BATOD would signpost all ToDs to the BSA as BSA provide the standards and guidance for PTA.

In previous discussions with members about PTA outside of a clinic environment, BATOD has advised members ensure the following:

* Informed parental consent is in place

* Suitable safeguarding and professional insurance policies are in place; noting must be in the job description. This was raised in previous conversations with members as QToD MQ is insufficient for PTA- further qualification is necessary for PTA.

* Contraindications and significant pathology must be considered; e.g. results of otoscopy and tympanometry prior to PTA (noting the QToD MQ does not qualify QToDs to do this)

*For the QToD without the additional PTA qualification, suitable assessments would be speech discrimination and comparing against baseline as degradation in performance would trigger reporting to audiology for further investigative action.

*If a team has an Educational Audiologist (Ed Aud)  in the team, the Ed Aud is typically qualified to undertake the PTA.