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Reports to NEC from DTOD


Update from DToD

We are currently fundraising for our own website (as mentioned in my article, which BATOD published in Deaf Awareness week). We are now 50% of the way there! justgiving.com/crowdfunding/dtod

  1. Article submitted for the BATOD online which is available online and will be in the magazine in September on our DToD group. batod.org.uk/deaf-awareness-week-deaf-teachers-of-the-deaf/


BSL Level 2 discussion continued;


As discussed at the last NEC, I felt that raising the BSL level 2 is a small part of the problem, and I suggested that there be a ‘Deaf Culture’ module on the ToD course which contains; deaf history, BSL linguistics, social and emotional well-being of deaf ch/young people, deaf culture etc. Jackie Salter suggested a working group going forward I am very keen to see this happen.

I have raised this issue with the DToD Facebook group and the response is overwhelmingly in favour. Audrey Cameron sent me details of a ‘Deaf Studies’ module, which is already on their ToD course in Scotland which she says is very popular with the ToD students.

There was a strong consensus that the ‘Deaf Studies’ module be run and led by d/Deaf professionals and ToDs, which I don’t think would be raise any objections from the NEC.


ToD course in Scotland: https://www.ed.ac.uk/education/graduate-school/taught-degrees/inclusive-education/structure/deaf-learners?fbclid=IwAR3N3YeGNMU4BH04ksCMwIg7T5C_A7ekgLo5midAt_c64_9-wtQpTh_Z50c

Deaf Studies module: http://www.drps.ed.ac.uk/19-20/dpt/cxedua11239.htm?fbclid=IwAR2_Xm0Yi7MO8RbgE_5lufucfsraUxi12ujQMTR12ljNVYB4ewV23lpjFuU

Martine Monksfield

Chair d/Deaf ToDs


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