The British Association of Teachers of the Deaf
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The make-up of the National Executive Council

The BATOD National Executive Council carries out its work through voluntary elected and appointed officers and elected and representative members from across the UK.

The following officer posts are elected: President, President-Elect, Treasurer and Minuting Secretary and belong to the Steering Group.

In addition to the elected officers, the Steering Group also comprises the appointed post of Consultant. The National Executive Officer, which is a fulltime, paid, appointed post, also belongs to the Steering Group. This group meets four times a year. Each Steering Group meeting is attended, by rotation, by a further member of the National Executive Council.

There are also twelve elected members on the National Executive Council each one is elected for two years and thus there is an election for six of these places every year. Members can stand for up to three consecutive terms of office (i.e. six years).

BATOD is divided into eight regions or nations (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, North, Midlands, South, East, South-West). Each of these regions or nations sends a representative to the National Executive Council meetings. If there is no other member from their region or nation amongst the elected members or officers they are entitled to a second representative. The NEC comprises approximately 27 members.

There are four NEC meetings per year which carry out the business of BATOD. During these meetings there are also three flexible workstreams which consider topical issues.

Paul Simpson

National Executive Officer

Updated May 2016