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Reviewing videos about children’s communicative development

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Here is a message from Summer Morris from Sheffield University:

At the University of Sheffield we are in the process of creating video materials for parents with deaf infants in order to help them support their children’s communicative development. To do this we rely on the help of families and practitioners. We are writing to see if you might have time to take a look at some of the videos we have created and let us know how acceptable and useful you find them.

Taking part, including watching the videos and completing the questionnaire, will take roughly 35-40 minutes. The videos and questionnaire will be distributed via email and the study will be completed online. Any practitioners working on a regular basis to support deaf or hard-of-hearing children and any parents or caregivers of deaf or hard-of-hearing children are eligible to take part. This research has been given ethical approval by the University of Sheffield’s Ethics committee – reference number 030430.

If you wish to take part, follow the link to the relevant questionnaire below. Please don’t hesitate to respond with any questions you may have before you consider participation.

Thank you

Summer Morris

Link to watch videos:


Questionnaire for practitioners:


Questionnaire for family members: