About | 18.06.2024 | By Teresa Quail

BATOD Consultant team member 

The BATOD Consultant team member role and the Consultant Co-ordinator role replace the BATOD Consultant role 


Ongoing as agreed between BATOD Steering Group (SG) and team member


Time commitment 

Meetings (virtual) as necessary with Coordinator and team

Supporting BATOD members as directed by Coordinator/NEO by responding to emails communication in a timely manner, i.e., within five working days

If the postholder has been unable to contribute to the work of BATOD or to attend a meeting of either SG or NEC/or a meeting related to the role for a continuing period of up to 6 months, beginning with the date of the appointment to/renewal of role, SG will consider appointment of a replacement postholder, to ensure the efficient continuation of BATOD’s work, following consultation with the post holder.

Main purposes of role 

1.       Support BATOD with their responses to government bodies and employers concerning pay and conditions with due regard to their professional roles and responsibilities.

2.       Input into the Annual submission to the English School Teachers Pay and Review Body (STRB) for the NEO’s response.

3.       Offer a specialist perspective to members about policy and practice relating to performance management and terms and conditions of employment. This does not include offering specific advice which should be properly obtained from the teaching unions and associations.


Key tasks  

Working with the Consultant Coordinator and NEO to support the work of BATOD SG & NEC with

·       Government bodies

·       Professional organisations (including Teaching Unions)

·       Charities, not for profit, volunteer sector

Contribute to responses to legislative and other consultation documents concerned with deaf education in conjunction with the Consultant Coordinator, NEO and other BATOD members.

All responses, meetings and correspondences/communications are professional and meet BATOD’s guidelines on GDPR


Key outcomes  

BATOD SG & NEC and members are supported in matters of employment and maintaining specialist workforce. Deaf education.

Consultations are responded in a timely and effective manner.

Support the work of the Consultant Team members


Responsible for staff/equipment    

Consultant Coordinator/NEO


Reporting to 

Consultant Coordinator/NEO




Recommended knowledge and experience 

Current practitioner with significant senior leadership experience in a range of deaf education settings.

Able to work with members and organisations to support their needs.

Able to gather information, disseminate and share best practice.

Knowledge and understanding of BATOD’s aims and values


Created June 2024

Review June 2025