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Make-up and Operation

When new members join the National Executive Council they receive many documents including one containing the following information. This describes how the NEC works and we hope that it takes some of the mystery away from the process.

Information for new members

Although the format changes from time to time, the NEC, which you are joining, meets four times a year to discuss the business of the Association. Approximately a week before each meeting each NEC member receives an electonic pack containing the action sheet from the previous meeting, the agenda, reports from regional/national representatives and from meetings attended by BATOD representatives in addition to papers and other documents for consideration. The Steering Group, formerly known as the Officers, meets between the NEC meetings (four times during the year) to deal with ongoing items and plan NEC meetings etc.

It is very helpful to read the pack in the week preceding the meeting so that members can contribute and ask questions about the various documents in it. Obviously if members have related materials they can bring them along or send them to the National Executive Officer. It is helpful therefore to have considered these points before the meeting to make the discussion more profitable.

Each NEC meeting considers and discusses previous agreed actions, minutes from the previous meeting which will have been sent out some time before the meeting, reports from the President, National Executive Officer, Treasurer and Consultant and the reports mentioned above.

The agenda sometimes also contains information about topics on which there is to be more focused discussion during the day – often followed by a feedback session and wider discussion – sometimes through specific work streams and discussion groups. Occasionally the Steering Group has produced a paper or makes a presentation about a particular topic.

As there are around 30 members of NEC at any meeting it has in the past been difficult to hear everyone’s contributions. The use of a sound field system has recently enhanced our meetings and will be a feature of future meetings. Other communication support is provided if necessary – members are sometimes able to use Access to Work funding for this purpose.

As in all matters concerning the business and procedures of the NEC, the views of the individual members are much appreciated and we hope that all members  feel able to make their contribution as soon as they join.

Finally, we ask all members to make every effort to attend all the NEC meetings as it is essential that the NEC, which only meets quarterly, benefits from the knowledge and experience of all members whether elected or regional/national representatives.

Paul Simpson
National Executive Officer
Updated January 2020