About | 01.11.2017 | By Paul Simpson

ToD Email forum

This is an email network, hosted by the Department for Education (DfE) and run by BATOD, for Teachers of the Deaf and associated professionals. The conversations are also open to Speech and Language Therapists, SENCOs, audiologists, support staff – in fact anyone who may have pertinent questions and comments to share within the wide field of deaf education.Although anyone can join the forum, BATOD moderates the list.

We do operate the usual basic courtesy rules and we also ask members of the forum to respect the ‘no advertising’ rule. This applies in particular to job adverts – which may be advertised on the BATOD website ‘Situations Vacant’ page at the current advertising rates. Conferences can be included in the BATOD Calendar (free) with a link directly to the organiser’s website. To advertise events on the BATOD website please contact website@batod.org.uk

Job adverts should be sent to advertising@batod.org.uk

It is free to join the forum which provides the following benefits:

  • instant access to colleagues with similar concerns
  • an opportunity to exchange different professional views and opinions
  • access to expertise
  • reduced isolation.


‘A platform to share good practice and seek solutions to the challenges of the profession’

Recent topics of discussion have included Oral Language Modifiers, the use of testboxes and sport for CI wearers

To join this list you need to go to:


and fill in the section for new subscribers.

  • You will receive a welcome message to the DfE hosted forum when the transfer has been completed
  • Please note that the email address is tod@lists.education.gov.uk – you will need to use this address to send messages to list members.
  • All emails go to ALL members of the list – so be warned that personal comments and replies become public property!
  • You can also examine previous discussions which are stored in the archive.

You MUST send emails via the email address that you register with. If you change your email address then you will need to change your subscription details for the ToD Forum list… so visit http://lists.education.gov.uk/mailman/listinfo/tod and in the blue box at the bottom of the page fill in your old email address (that is how ToD recognises you!) and click the ‘unsubscribe or edit’ option button. Then you will be transferred to the page where you can amend your details.
The moderators will remind you if you forget.

Paul Simpson
National Executive Officer