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Aston University research – Investigating the Family and Child’s Experience of Microtia and Hearing Loss

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Saira Hussain, a research student at Aston University is looking for “children and young adults, and their parents, to interview as part of their study that is investigating the family and child’s experience of microtia and hearing loss.

What is involved in the study?
The study involves an interview with our researcher about your child’s and family’s experience of growing up with microtia and what decisions have been made. We want both children’s views in interviews, and for parents to join online focus groups to share your experiences as a parent/carer. (If your child does not want to take part you can still join the focus group!)

Who can take part?
▪ Any child or young person with microtia aged between 7 and 25
▪ Parents/carers of a child in this age range

What will it involve?
▪ Interviews for children and young people
▪ A 1-hour focus group online with other parents and guardians

To take part in the study, please email our researcher Saira Hussain: [email protected]

Please click on these links for posters you can download to share with families. The study is UK-wide

Are you the parent/carer of a child,  aged 7 to 11 years old, with microtia?

Are you the parent/carer of a child,  aged 12 to 17 years old, with microtia?

Are you a young person/adult, aged 18-25, with microtia?

Parent poster