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BSLHealthAccess! – New on demand video remote interpreting service launched today

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Sign Health, with InterpreterNow, have launched a new  on demand video remote interpreting service – https://www.bslhealthaccess.co.uk/

“BSL Health Access is a brand new, on demand video remote interpreting service for any public health care requirement in England, Wales and Scotland where access to BSL interpretation is not available.
For many Deaf people, using the English language is not always an effective or safe and appropriate way to communicate important medical advice.

This is why SignHealth and InterpreterNow are working together to provide FREE access to online BSL Interpreters.
The purpose of the service is to facilitate communication in health related situations such as GP’s, dentists, pharmacies, opticians, NHS hospitals and any health-care related appointments.
The service is available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it is free! It is a very easy and step by step process.

Here are just a few examples of how you can use this service:

● Are you stuck in hospital with no BSL communication access? You can use this service to communicate with the health care professionals via video.
● Do you need to make an appointment with your GP? You can use this service to call them.
● Do you need to organise and collect your prescription? You can call your Pharmacist using this service.

There are many other ways to use the service. To get started, there is no need to register and you can access the service by clicking on ‘CALL NOW’ above.

Alternatively, you can choose to register and download the free Interpreter Now App (iOS & Android). This will also allow Health Care professionals to be able to call you back if necessary! (and for free!).
From the App, simply click on the ‘BSL Health Access’, button in the App and it will connect you to a fully qualified and registered BSL interpreter on the screen. It is that simple!

More information and answers to some of your questions you may have can be found in your FAQ’s page.
It’s important that we aim for full accessibility to all health-care services.
Enjoy browsing through this website.” https://www.bslhealthaccess.co.uk/