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Calling a Research : Inter-Brain synchrony between 4-12 years old children with cochlear implants and their mothers

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See request below.

“I am Hilal, a third-year PhD student at Nottingham University, conducting research on the experiences of 4-12 years old children with cochlear implants and their mothers.

Calling Participants:

  • Participate in an Exciting Study!
  • Are you a mother with a 4-12 year old child who uses cochlear implants  and speaks English at home?
  • We want to hear from you!
  • Location: Ropewalk House, Nottingham city centre
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Availability: Weekdays and school holidays

Join us for a fun session where you and your child play with a potato head toy while we measure brain activity using a child-friendly imaging technique called fNIRS. It’s like wearing a funny-looking hat and makes for a great photo opportunity !  Your child will receive a gift voucher and a certificate! You will  also receive compensation for your reasonable travel expenses!

 Contact: Email [email protected] to express your interest or ask any questions.”

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