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Coronavirus guide for children

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We have had this message from Lily Pryer of Yoopies which will be of interest to teachers as well as to parents.

As cases of coronavirus in the UK rise, the Government is tightening its measures to avoid spreading the virus. In light of Boris Johnson’s Cobra meeting, highlighting that 10,000 people may have contracted the disease and the consequent shift to the ‘delay phase’, it is clear the UK Government is stepping up precautionary actions to slow its spread and take action ‘the right time.’

However, few people have addressed how to approach the subject of Coronavirus with their children. Uncertainty, rumours and exaggerated information can cause panic, not only among adults but also among children. For this reason, Yoopies has created a Children’s Guide to Coronavirus to help parents and educators explain the virus to children. Click here to access a document which helps parents explain in a simple and objective way what the new virus is, the phases of prevention and shows that measures to prevent the virus can be achieved through creative and playful tasks.

We hope this will be useful for your content planning or to simply share with your network. Should you have any questions on the above, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Lily Pryer – [email protected]