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Covid-19 Research Project – open to secondary school deaf and vision impaired students

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Project Summary

“This British Academy funded research project is run by the University of Roehampton. The focus is on investigating the effect of measures introduced by schools to reduce the risk of the virus spreading on children with sensory needs.

As part of the project, we will explore the personal experiences of deaf and vision impaired children aged 11-18 years, who attend one of the following schools: mainstream schools, a maintained school with a deaf/vision impaired unit, an academy or independent school, or a special school. Our goal is to understand how the issues pertaining to schools’ response to the COVID 19 pandemic has affected children with certain low-incidence disabilities. In addition, we wish to draw out more general principles pertaining to inclusion – particularly in terms of communication and socialisation.”

Covid19 Research Project Facebook Page: Social Restrictions in Schools

University of Roehampton website: https://www.roehampton.ac.uk/education/