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Examination grades for deaf candidates

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As you will have read, the government has decided that the grades for candidates who were due to sit their examinations this summer will be calculated by the centre, taking into account a range of information, and submitted to the examination boards.

The process is currently under consultation and BATOD is responding to it.

You can read and respond to the consultation here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/ofqual-seeks-views-on-gcse-and-a-level-grading-proposals-for-2020

In BATOD’s view it is vital that QToDs working with deaf candidates are involved in this process as otherwise grades may be allocated which do not fully take into account the implications of the candidate’s deafness and any access arrangements which would have been in place. Centres may approach services for this information but it is possible that they may not so it is important that the relevant QToD contacts the schools as soon as possible where there are deaf candidates who would have been sitting examinations to ensure that there is specialist input in the decision-making.


The same of course would apply to candidates with VI and MSI.