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Free BSL Signature Level 1 Course – Deaf Unity and the Greater London Authority

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See below news from Deaf Unity, a deaf charity that supports deaf people at critical points of transition.

Deaf Unity explain “One of the ways that we do this is by providing sign language courses. Thanks to the Mayor of London and the Greater London Authority, we have the fantastic opportunity to provide Signature Level 1 to two cohorts living in London in need of support 

(1) parents of deaf children and 

(2) deaf people who have come to the UK as an immigrant or refugee. “

“… the teaching and learning of BSL has been a hot topic recently, with petitions for families of deaf children being submitted, and talk of a new BSL GCSE. We are thrilled to be part of proving why this is necessary, as well as getting the ball rolling, with this opportunity. 

In addition, Deaf people are a minority in the UK, and those who come to live here as immigrants and refugees can be even more isolated, knowing only the sign language of their home country. This can prevent or hinder them from meeting the local deaf community and thriving in their new home, as well as securing a place on a course or in an employment role.  

We have funding to provide a free accredited BSL course to: 

  • 15 individual parents and their families (approximately 35 people) living in London 

  • 10 individuals who have come to the UK as an immigrant or refugee and live in London 

This free place includes the lessons and the exam fees, so there is no cost to those who participate. 

We are looking to start this course in September, running in term time only, until May. 

We would be grateful if you could share this opportunity within your network with people who would benefit from this opportunity. I have also attached a poster for each course, in case you would like to advertise the opportunity. 

Any interested parties can fill out the below form to register their interest:  https://forms.office.com/e/rnYDF58epB  

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.”  [email protected]