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Get help with technology

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The following link was published recently  – https://get-help-with-tech.education.gov.uk/devices. The Department for Education (DfE) is offering support to help children, young people and families, in England, access remote education and social care during coronavirus (COVID-19).

The DfE is working with delivery partners to supply local authorities, academy trusts and schools with laptops, tablets and connectivity packages.


Their link does not provide any deaf specific guidance therefore BATOD wish to highlight some useful links from the NDCS regarding connecting assistive listening technology to laptops, tablets etc. As there are so many different products the NDCS are unable to make videos for each products so they created the following library of  video tutorials from each manufacturer and published them as playlists on their YouTube channel.

Phonak products

Cochlear products

Oticon products

GN ReSound products

NDCS shared these links via one of their lockdown/home-schooling blogs. https://www.ndcs.org.uk/information-and-support/technology-for-deaf-children-and-young-people/how-technology-helps/top-tips-for-troubleshooting-technology/