Information | 19.01.2018 | By Paul Simpson

Access to Signing Classes

There is no one rule for gaining access to a signing class. Each area of the country has its own unique system! Costs also vary according to who is running the course.

The only way to find out about local provisions and the system in your area is to ask.

Classes may take place in any of the following places :-

  • Local college of FE
  • Local centre/club for the deaf
  • Local school for deaf children
  • Local unit for deaf children
  • Local resource centre for the deaf children
  • Local community centre

We would suggest you try telephoning the following people in the order below:-

  • Local centre for the deaf
  • Local college of FE
  • Local Education Authority Service for deaf children
  • Local school/resource base for deaf children

The numbers for the above should be available either in the telephone directory or at the public library or local Information Centre.

If you have no success with any of the above then try telephoning or emailing one of the national associations :-

Signature (
0191 383 1155
The British Deaf Association (BDA)
020 7697 4140
Action on Hearing Loss (Action on Hearing Loss (formerly RNID))
0808 808 0123
The National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS)
0800 800 8880
Sense  (SENSE)
0300 330 9256