Information | 29.11.2017 | By paul_simpson

Acoustics – listening and learning

BATOD Foundation has produced a MESHGuide entitled Acoustics – listening and learning ( ) to assist ToDs to become familiar with a wide range of issues associated with classroom acoustics in schools and the impact the quality of speech intelligibility has on deaf children’s learning.

It aims to provide all those interested in classroom acoustics with the most up-to-date research presented in an easily accessible way so allowing all readers to understand the topic, discover the key characteristics of the issues surrounding the topic and, where appropriate to determine policy and practice in schools. It is intended to stimulate improvements in classroom acoustics where necessary as a result of increased understanding in the importance of providing excellent acoustics so that all deaf children and young people will be able to enjoy the best possible quality sound reception.

We hope the content of this MESHGuide will stimulate Teachers of the Deaf to feed in their own classroom experience in the form of case studies that both exemplify and challenge the findings of the research contained in the Guide so continually expanding the body of knowledge in this area.